Sunday 28 October 2012

Daddy I'm A Zombie DVD Review

We got sent a new Halloween film from Lionsgate to review during our Halloween feature, the new film is called Daddy I'm A Zombie. I took the Daddy I'm A Zombie DVD along to our Halloween feature party (you can read about that here) for the kids to watch.

The main plot of the film is about a teenage goth girl called Dixie who has been unhappy with her life since her parent's divorce 5 years ago, the film is quite depressing, well it was to me anyway, I am an emotional person so felt very sorry for Dixie. At school she gets bullies and then things get even worse when she discovers her best friend hooks up with her boyfriend, then it gets even more worse when a ferocious storm kicks off and Dixie is knocked unconscious and awakens to find she has been transformed into a zombie
That's when the drama begin, Dixie meets Isis (a Egyptian mummy princess) and Gonner (a pirate cabin boy) who she must befriend. Dixie needs to get back home (to the land of the living) but to do that she needs to defeat a evil witch (Nubulosa) along with her friend's who has she met since becoming a zombie, Vitriol (the wise zombie sage), Isis and Gonner.

I won't tell you anymore as there will be no point in watching it!
The film had both funny and scary moments throughout, the older children at the party aged between 4-11 years enjoyed the film along with the adults, we all laughed at certain parts of the film and all said ''aww'' at other parts of the film.
The great thing about this film is it also mentions things children all over the world go through, bullying, feeling different because they are unique and dealing with parent's divorces.

The film is rated PG (parental guidance) but I have let Spud watch the DVD all by himself as I honestly don't think there are scenes where he needs to cover his eyes!
The film last for 79 minutes, great to watch all together in the run up to Halloween or on Halloween night! 

The film has a RRP of £6.99 and is out now, available to buy on DVD in Asda and Amazon to say the least.

Jada x


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