Friday 19 October 2012

One Day To Go...

Just one more sleep until our Halloween feature blogging party, we are all very excited, the little monster's cant wait (well I know Spud cant) he keeps putting on the 2 costumes that he has very kindly been sent, I won't say anything now as I will ruin the surprise but instead you can keep checking back and keep an eye out for all the photo's from the party!

I done the party food shopping today, we have been sent so much stuff I didn't buy loads, we will be having cheese and ham sandwiches (separate) hot pizza's, chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, chopped vegetables with dips, crisp selection and loads of treats and a fantastic cake and cupcakes from one of the lovely companies involved!

We have been sent so much stuff their 'goody bags' are going to be heaving! I hope the adults are ready too as with all the things we have been sent they will last up until Christmas!! One thing is for sure, after organising all of this I will definitely be needing a drink once the party is over! It will all be worth it though to see all the children's faces light up, we have quite a lot planned, I hope they all get a lot of sleep tonight!!

Here is the Halloween banner of the 23 companies involved, ohh some little creatures wanted to be added onto the banner too, they are cute ain't they!?

So are you all ready, keep your eyes peeled as tomorrow whilst we are having a spooky Halloween ball I will be taking lots and lots of photo's and writing down notes ready to tell and show you all!

Until the next time,


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