Thursday 25 October 2012

Millie's Cookies Giant Iced Cookie Review

I love Millie's Cookies, I mean who doesn't, if your reading this right now and your thinking what is a Millie's Cookies I advise you to seek out your local store, they are the most beautiful cookies ever, when I say beautiful I mean delicious and beautiful! I was extremely happy when Millie's wanted to be part of the blog's Halloween feature, my tummy was excited too! 

I was given the option to either choose a number of small cookies or a giant iced, I've never had a giant iced before so I asked if we could have the giant ice for the Halloween feature party (read all about that here).

This is a picture of my local Millie's Cookies store at The Oracle - Reading, small yes but believe me, in that little store they bake the most loveliest softest yummiest cookies I have ever tasted!

When asked what we would like on our giant iced cookie, I asked for a surprise, but for something Halloween themed. Millie's Cookies bake all their cookies fresh, from scratch, so on Friday morning the call was made to my local store with my order and within 2 hours my cookie was ready to be collected. I couldn't get to town unfortunately as I had loads to do, being the day before the party I had to go and buy the party food and make sure everything was ready. Instead my sister's friend collected the giant iced cookie for me (thanks again Stacey!) so I had to wait until the day of the party to see the cookie. 

That little tiny Millie's Cookies store in the picture above done a fabulous job, we was made a giant iced Nightmare Before Christmas themed cookie (you know the film with the catchy song ''this is Halloween, this is Halloween).

The cookie itself was triple chocolate chip, the icing was vanilla and chocolate and we couldn't quite make out a flavour for the green icing.

I'm sorry to say (not really :p) but this was something for the adults, the kids was all watching the DVD we had been sent for review and was stuffed on the other fabulous items we were sent so us adults tucked in, the cookie was demolished within a few minutes, well more precisely 10 maximum.

So as Halloween is only 5 days away, maybe you should start thinking of ordering a giant iced for that special someone and yourself to share, to share with your family or simply enjoy one for yourself (I wouldn't recommend eating a whole cookie just to yourself in one go though :p) Millie's Cookies do a selection of great flavoured mini cookies, muffins, hot & cold drinks and giant iced cookies. Giant iced cookies can be personalised or you can have one of the shop's designs, the prices for giant iced start from just £13.79 and includes a gift box.

They are a perfect alternative for non cake lovers!

To find out more about Millies Cookies and/or to find your nearest store visit the official website here.

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