Thursday 2 August 2012

Our First Day Of The Summer Holidays

The 6 week's holidays are here, we check out our diary's and the many unfilled days seem to have a different impact now your child/children are off school/nursery for the 6 week summer holidays. Doing housework and other 'boring' stuff is just not suitable for my son, so off I went and brought a cheap 29p note pad from Asda and was determined to fill it with idea's to pursue during the 6 week's off school.

  • Monday 30th July - Arts and Crafts, Park later depending on the weather.
  • Tuesday 31st July - Trip to Nanny's and then baking gingerbread men.
  • Wednesday 1st August - Cinema.
  • Thursday 2nd August - Town to spend weekly pocket money.

After having our breakfast and getting ourselves ready for the day, I remind Spud of how much he has to spend, I always give him a little talk about how much he has to spend, I want my child to know the importance and value of money, there have been a number of times where I have been in a shop and Spud chooses something above his pocket money price, and I end up paying, but seeing as its the summer holidays and we have a few exciting trips planned, today I was determined Spud must stick to his the amount for me to save spending money for our day trips planned during the summer holidays off school. Then off we went to catch our nearest bus to town.

After a 30-minute journey on the bus to our local Town Centre, with all the moans of the elderly and the screams from the tantrum toddlers, the pings of the bell and the sound of the passing cars we finally made it. The first stop on my list was the mall that our bus had stopped outside, inside I wanted to visit the £1 shop to pick up any good bargains and Wilkinson's to check out there toy's as we have a birthday party to go to on Saturday.

I collected my bits from the £1 shop that we needed, and headed to the upstairs of the shopping mall to go to Wilkinson's, literally, as I was walking through the door, I heard a member of staff telling another member of staff they had reduced loads of kitchen stuff, and that was it, I was off on my search to find the reduced items. After finding the kitchen sale, I left Wilkinson's 3 bags heavier filled with Kitchen Utensils, Placemats, Glass Chopping Boards, Oven Gloves, Cups and some other kitchen bits for the grand total of £4.20, I do love a good bargain (see the end of the post for a picture of a few of my fab bargains).

We also had some lunch in town, we chose Pizza Express as it's just across the road from the shopping centre, then it was Spud's turn to shop, but to my surprise, Spud said it's ok Mummy, I will save my money for Legoland next week. Gobsmacked is really not the right word to explain it, my talks about the importance of money this morning must have done something. Instead of Spud leaving town empty-handed, I brought him a magazine from the local Tesco Express and off we headed to catch the bus back home, and thankfully, It wasn't that bad if I must say so myself. Roll on the rest of the fun filled school holidays!

Until next time,
Jade x


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