Saturday 25 August 2012

My Last Few Days..

On Thursday, myself, Spud and my Dad went to Legoland Windsor for the day, it was Spud's first time and he absolutely loved every minute of it! We live about 35 minutes away but due to the Paralympics coming soon, and Windsor being so close to Eton Dorney it took us well over an hour to get to the park.

Spud really surprised me, he went on the biggest ride at Legoland, the Mummy Dragon, as he calls it, we had a pizza/salad/pasta buffet for dinner and overall it was a fantastic day out! Spud has now decided for his 7th Birthday he doesn't want a party but instead would like to go to Legoland.

Yesterday we didn't do much, we went to my mother's and then to the supermarket with my sister to get some festival bits, she's off to Reading Festival tomorrow, and I'm having my baby boo for the whole day (from 8:30am) till Monday morning. We live in Reading so thankfully she hasn't got far to travel.

I have avoided town this weekend as when the festival is on its MANIC and the traffic is an absolute joke. I don't think I would ever go to Reading Festival myself, I'm not into that kind of music and loud music, tents, mud and wellies doesn't excite me. I do moan every year about the festival, but it does only last one weekend every year I suppose, I'm just glad I live over the other side of town, I feel sorry for the people who live close by, how do they sleep with that racket going on I wonder!?

Today, we sorted out all the review's we have to do, all of the products look very good and I cant wait to share them with you! Some are going to be featured nearer to Christmas so keep your eyes peeled! I also have some fab competitions that I will be hosting so keep checking back guys its the only way you will know what's up for grabs!

Also today, I changed my page navigation bar, I hope you all like it? I now have images for my pages instead of the average page navigation bar, I am unique don't you know! Ahaha, plain Jane in a lot of other way's but still I think I'm unique.

Ohh and we didn't get onto the Toyologist scheme, boo :( always next year right? I just wish we had personal replies, not just a generated one that went to every unsuccessful applicant, it would have been good to know why we weren't chosen! BUT hey ho, we still have some fabulous companies that myself and Spud are working with, reviewing the best products around, that we will be sharing with you very shortly so make sure you do check back, as we have some very exciting products to share with all of you.

Talking about reviews, I was sent 3 Schwartz spice jars and one of them was a Fajita one, it is absolutely delicious! I added a bit too much so some did taste a bit powdery, I must remember to read instructions first and not just wing it!

Tonight we are having a Chinese whilst watching X-Factor, oh yes the Funny Factor's back on, excited much??

Tomorrow I've got my baby boo, I love my nephew's so much, each and every one of them is unique in their own little way and each and every one of them has a special place in my heart.

Also tomorrow my all-time favourite Disney film is on TV! Beauty and the Beast <3 I've got it on DVD (3 copies) but I can never miss an opportunity to watch a Disney film, especially my ultimate favourite <3

I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Until next time,
Jade xx


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