Monday 25 February 2013

Spud's Disney Dream

Another Disney post, I know, I know.. I'm sorry for all you non Disney fans out there, but if you check out my about me page, your soon discover Spud is a huge Disney fan and some of my past post can prove just that! I love England, we have London, one of the most popular city's in the World, we have safe weather (no tornado's or bad thunder storms), lots of castle's and let's not forget we have a Royal family! Everyone need's to get away sometimes, weather your alone, a couple or a family, you all need to have fun, excitement and magic in your holiday at some point, well Disneyland can offer all that and much much more!

I remember being a child and seeing the Disneyland adverts on the TV, ringing a freephone number whilst Mum was cooking in the kitchen to request a free video, how I envied the children on those adverts, how I desperately wanted to meet Belle from the Classic Disney film, Beauty & the Beast. Just from watching those adverts, my eyes would sparkle, filled with magic, if your a Disney fan, the magic never end's, no matter how young or old you are. When I had Spud, the Disney within me carried on through him, I dressed him in Winnie The Pooh and Tiger outfits, I purchased Winnie The Pooh dummies, bottles, teethers, rattles, you name it, Spud had it. When Spud started watching TV, he always took an interest to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the bond has never broke to this day, I doubt it ever will!

Not wanting Spud to grow up before he meets his idol, I've been looking at Disneyland prices,travel and accommodation these last few weeks, yes 'Mickey Mouse' came to his Birthday party, but that wasn't the real Mickey Mouse, just a quick look at the mascot we hired can confirm that. Not too keen on flying myself, and not wanting to take Spud on such a long flight for his first time flying, I've been looking around at some cruises, with the recent scandal's that have gone on with 'unfamiliar' cruise companies, only the best will do for me and my boy, Virgin Holiday Cruises that is of course! I've heard from the minute you step aboard, the whole journey, experience and holiday is amazingly magical, memories that will stay with you forever, a memory making children's dreams come true!

Until next time,

Jade x