Wednesday 6 February 2013

My Amazing Week!! (Well So Far!)

Hello lovelies, ever since I had those horrid internet problems, now just taking a one day break seems like a lifetime, so I do apologise, just because I feel I need too, as instead of blogging Monday and Tuesday night, I stuffed my face and watched loads of Disney films, I was celebrating you see, celebrating all by myself (your more then welcome to start singing along to Celine Dion's, All By Myself with me!), because this week (yes I am fully aware we are only three days into it) has been amazing! It's not often I say I've had a good week, it's hard for me to say I've had a good day, let alone a whole 3 days and I'm using this post to tell you all about it!

So last Saturday (the 2nd of February) I posted my BritMums Live 2013 sponsor plea, I also emailed a few companies who I feel I have got on really well with asking them in a very polite way if they would like to sponsor me, I could not believe it when the very next day (Sunday the 3rd) I received a email from one of the companies interested in sponsoring me. We emailed and finalised the deal yesterday, I am now sponsored for BritMums Live 2013! I will be posting all about the company that's sponsoring me very soon, introducing them to you, and you to them! So that was was my first lot of good news.

Next up, one word - The MADS, ok make that two words - The MADS, the amazing MAD blog awards that I posted about on Monday the 28th January, you know them ones. Well guess what? I've been nominated yippeeeee *dancing with my head, side to side* I am so excited and I honestly cant thank the people who nominated me enough! It's not too late to nominate! You've got until the 18th of February and it's easy peasy (I promise) and take's literally a couple of minutes of your time! Not that I'm begging or anything ;-) but if you would like to nominate me for a MAD Blog Award, I would really love to be nominated for the Best New Blog Award! I've been nominated for both the Best New Blog award and Blog Of The Year Award but I feel that I would be better off in the category 'Best New Blog' To find out more about nominating, you can read my previous post here. Thank you once again to anyone/everyone who voted for me, If I could track you all down and thank you in person, then I really would! Your amazing, I love you!

I would also like to use this opportunity whilst I am talking about the MADS to introduce you to some blogs that I have voted for.

Missing Sleep

Karen over from Missing Sleep has been a great blogging friend, she has gave me countless tips on how to get my Tots score up, what sites and communities to join and has been a real 'friend' when listening to me with personal problems that have gone on. I hope one day I can meet Karen and have a face to face chat. Karen just like the rest of the bloggers that appear in this post has never once doubted me and has continued to encourage my blogging days.Karen is a wonderful wife and Mum to two beautiful boys living in Wales, you can find her blog here.

Blogging Mummy

Rachel from Blogging Mummy started blogging just one month after me, Rachel emailed me asking for some blogging advice and that was how our friendship started. Me and Rachel have swapped number's and regularly text each other whilst also chatting online. When Rachel said about Brit Mums 2013 I wanted also to go and was delighted when Rachel agreed we should go together. Rachel has put a lot of faith into me and always tells me how great my blog and posts are, she is a true diamond and I can't wait to meet her at Brit Mums this June! Rachel is a mummy to her beautiful little boy and you can find her blog here.

Attachment Mummy

I have loved Leta's blog ever since I discovered it, I have always had 'different' parenting skills then everyone else I know, after reading just a few post on Leta's blog I soon discovered I have traits of Attachment Parenting. Leta is a wife and Mummy to 2 beautiful little girls, I have had the opportunity to meet them in real life which I am thankful for, you could not meet such a kind, warm hearted lovely lady. Check out her blog here.

Baby Budgeting

Becky who blogs over at Baby Budgeting is the reason why I started blogging, not because she told me too, she didn't even know who Jade Lewendon was back then, but because I loved her blog, I love everything about her blog and can not find one fault! I read her blog nearly every day, and only commented on her competition posts, bad I know! I must make more effort to leave comments, not just with Becky but with everyone's blogs which I regularly read. Becky is a lovely Mum to two girls, you can find her blog here.

This Is Life

Angela who is the writer of This Is Life amazes me with her post, the way she writes really does draw a reader in. I love her food post, I could spend hours watching her cook and tasting her food, she is a wife and mother to her two beautiful kiddies, one boy and one girl, you can check out her blog here.

More blogging news..

 I am finally a PR2, that's why I have a brand new little button in my sidebar saying PR2, PR means Page Rank and although it may mean nothing to you, to me it's good :) I have been waiting for my page rank to go up for a while now, so thank you Google!

I have a new blog badge which can also be found in my sidebar, feel free to 'grab my badge'! =D

My last good news of the week so far is..

My beautiful boy moved to the next level of reading at school today. Each day he continues to amaze me, my little boy, who was born 7 weeks early weighing a tiny 4lb, who was quite poorly and had his first operation at 3 weeks old weighing less then 5lbs, my little boy, the one that Dr's told me about; how we would be slow in everything he does, forever... My beautiful boy really does continue to amaze me, when he is over my shoulder, reading a text to my parents because he is a very good reader, the one who tells me the time randomly, just because he can, the one who teaches me what he's been taught. My special baby boy <3

Until next time,
Jade x


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