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in , , , by Jada, February 20, 2013
It was only the other day I was talking to my sister about how technology continues to amaze me, if your poorly and can't get to the local supermarket, a number of supermarkets now offer home delivery options, if your busy working and cant get to the local tech store but really need a new laptop battery, you can order online and get it sent to your address. There's not a lot you can't buy online these days, mobile phones, clothes, books, makeup, cars, suitcases and even flowers. Yes, flowers that are fresh, newly picked, perfect and beautiful flowers. 

Thank's to the new online Interflora tool 'My Interflora Creation' now you can even make your own bouquet up online, picking and selecting what flowers you would like in your very special unique bouquet just as you would if you was to visit a florist even sticking to your selected budget! If like me, you like things to be unique or your a fussy pot who like's some of the flowers in the ready-made bouquet's but not all of them, or you simply want to create your own personalised bouquet using the most beautiful flowers, then you really need to know about My Interflora Creation.

My Interflora Creation is a new online design tool brought to you by Interflora, the starting price is £15 then you decide on what flowers, foliage's and accessories you would like, you can even choose what vase you would like the flowers to be presented in. Using the simple click and drag system it really is that easy to create your own bouquet of flowers.

There are more than 70 different flower and foliage varieties to choose from and you can even customise your creation with vases and beautiful accessories. The design possibilities are endless and every creation is sure to be as special and unique as the Mum who will receive it.

Each flower, foliage, vase and accessory is different in price, as you add and delete the flowers the total amount will change instantly making sure you can stick to your budget if you have one. With plenty of flowers to choose from why not create your own bouquet online today with My Interflora Creation.

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if like me, you cant get to your local florist to pick out a selection of flowers to make into a bouquet, never fear, Interflora's here! If you don't fancy making your own bouquet, check out the Interflora website for other beautiful flower ideas!

My Interflora Creation is brought to you by Interflora UK, the specialist flower people, to find out more about Interflora check out

Until next time,
Jade x

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