Sunday 10 February 2013

Cupid Dog DVD Review

 The lovely team at Lionsgate recently sent me and Spud two of their new releases to review, one DVD was Ape Escape (review coming soon) and Cupid Dog, when I put Cupid Dog on for Spud the other day in his bedroom, he wondered out after 10 minutes and took over the TV in the front room, unable to get anything out of Spud as he missed near enough the whole film, I sat down and watched the DVD last night.

The film is based on Gabe a scruffy but cute dog and his owner Eric, Eric a journalist working for a magazine firm took on Gabe when he was just a puppy. Eric splits up with his girlfriend of 11 months Marsha and takes a job opportunity at his work meaning he has to move to the UK. This means Gabe needs to be put in quarantine for at least 6 months. Gabe refers quarantine to dog prison and is determined not to let Eric move to the UK. Taking advice from a horse at Eric's father's ranch, Gabe decides to become Cupid Dog.

After watching a number of shows called Cupid Arrow, Gabe gets idea's from the shows host on how to win over a girl for Eric. Gabe is sure if Eric falls in love, he will not take the job with his firm meaning he will stay in America, turning down the UK job offer and then Gabe gets to escape 'dog prison'. Gabe turns into a very clever dog, delivering a number of surprises to Eric's neighbour Sarah, the author of a book Eric is currently working on. To get his move to the UK, Eric needs to find the author of a highly successful new book, unbeknown to Eric, Sarah is the author of the book, but after signing a deal with the publishers, she cannot reveal her identify as the author.

Gabe successfully brings Eric and Sarah together, leaving  a number of gifts on Sarah's doorstep which confuses Eric who has no idea who is behind the plan, Eric soon asks Sarah on a date, the date is successful and the two start dating. Things turn sour between the couple when Eric is determined on his move to the UK, meaning there will be no future for the matching couple. Gabe then decides to act ill, his last chance to bring Eric and Sarah together, Sarah's two children convince Sarah to call Eric in regards to the poor mutt, not noticing the phone call, Sarah rushes Gabe to the nearest vet. Meanwhile Eric is on his way to interview the 'author' of the book he has been working on, the man he is interviewing turns out to be Sarah's grandfather. Eric quickly works out that Sarah is in fact the author of the book.

Eric makes breaking news talking about the book with Sarah's grandfather, who reveals the public has been duped into who the book's author is and reveals on TV that the author of the book is his Grandaughter, Eric's neighbour and former on/off girlfriend Sarah. Eric apologises live on TV to Sarah, declaring his love to her he then ask her live on TV if she will marry him whilst dialing her phone for the reply, Sarah accepts the proposel and the couple become engaged. Gabe is happy his plan has worked, he has found Eric a reason to stay in America, Sarah. Eric and Sarah go onto marry leaving a happy ever after

 Overall the film is great to watch, its weird because a 'dog' is a voice over of most of the film but you quickly get used to it. The film is a real romantic with traits of humour too, not the biggest animal lover myself, I must admit it was cute to watch a dog bring two people together. Now it's time to get myself a puppy, after all I've been single for a little while too long!

Released on the 4th of February in time for Valentines day, Cupid Dog is a great film to watch all year round. Rated with a certificate U the film is suitable for all ages, although Spud is not a fan of non-animated films. With a RRP of £9.99 why don't you treat your family this valentines day?

Until next time,
Jade x


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