Thursday 7 February 2013

Cleaning Products From Wilkinsons Review

The lovely folks over at Wilkinson have treated me to some of their own range cleaning products, I actually got these back in December, so I do apologise to Wilko as this review has taken me just over a month to get up. The reason why it's took me a little while to do this review is because I wanted to test the products over a two week period, seeing the prices of these products when I first received them, really made me think about the branded products I buy each week, with Wilko's cleaning products I could get 2 possibly even 3 items for the same price as 1 branded item. Being a single Mum, if I could save some extra pennies when it comes to cleaning I would be more then happy to switch to a cheaper alternative. 

I put the products to the tests!

Wilko Bathroom Lemon Mousse, 500ml - £1.40

Suitable for cleaning baths, basins and sinks, it cleans without rubbing and helps to prevent build up of limescale. With its fresh lemon scent, it leaves a fresh fragrance smell around the surface you've cleaned. I don't have a window in my bathroom, I have a stupid little fan that is meant to do the job, instead I find my bathroom gets dusty really quick. I sprayed some mousse on, followed the instructions and was pleased with the result. It does exactly the same as the branded product I purchase on a regular basis.

Wilko Apple Washing Up Liquid, 500ml - 76p.

With powerful cleaning action it really does cut through grease, I love giving the Sunday roasting tins a good soak, I had to use a little more then what I would a branded product but the smell was just as strong as a more expensive washing up liquid.

Wilko Lemon Fresh Kitchen Cleaner with Bleach, 750ml - 60p

This cleaner is specially formulated to cut through and dissolve tough grease, dirt and food residue.There was no need to rinse as the formula uses the power of bleach to help kill germs. This is one product that I am going to continue to buy, for 60p it really is a real bargain, I sprayed this on my draining board and around the taps, it really does do what its meant too and for the price, it does a great job!

Wilko Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner, 750ml - 60p.

The safe, convenient way towards a germ-free environment, Wilko anti-bacterial spray leaves surfaces hygienically clean and has been tested and proven to kill E.coli, MRSA, Listeria and Salmonella. I sprayed it onto my kitchen surfaces just like I would the branded anti-bacterial spray I usually purchase. Without being a expert and a microscope I can not tell if the job has been done but I trust Wilkinson enough to allow food to touch the sides. I am extremely pleased with the price of this product especially for the size of the bottle.

Wilko Lemon Antibacterial Floor Wipes x 15 - 98p

Removes dirt & grease, quick & hygienic with a lemon fragrance.Works on most floors including tiles, lino, laminate and other hard surfaces. Having a young child in the house and me, who can be quite clumsy at times, drinks do get spilt on my laminate flooring in the front room, these wipes saved me a lot of time. I have not used floor wipes before, but now I have been introduced to the Wilko ones I will make sure I buy a few packets of these when I next pop into town.

Wilko Antibacterial Wipes Lavender x 40 - 98p
Effective against the flu virus (H1N1) & other harmful bacterias such as E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella. They remove dirt & grease and are effective for use in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else where bacteria may be present. They are easy, quick & hygienic with a lavender fragrance. I gave these to my friend as I am not a big fan of lavender at all! She said they removed the stubborn stains from bean juice on her kitchen side and smelled really nice, she would recommend the wipes to friends and family and was surprised at how many you get for the price.

Wilko Anti-Bacterial Wipes Lemon x 40

Just like the lavender wipes, the lemon wipes are anti bacterial, effective against the flu virus (H1N1) & other harmful bacterias such as E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella. They remove dirt & grease and are effective for use in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else where bacteria may be present. They are easy, quick & hygienic with a fresh lemon  fragrance. I used these in my kitchen, using at least 2-3 a day wiping down the surfaces and cupboards, I also used them on the tiles behind the oven. I was really pleased with the results and I, like my friend would use them again.

 Wilko Cellulose Sponge Wipes x 4 - £1.08

These along with the anti-bacterial spray was my favourite products Wilkinson sent me. I must admit, I had not used cellulose sponge wipes before, I had not even heard of them. I read the back of the packet and was surprised that they were used for a number of purposes, including; wiping down, mopping up and general cleaning especially in the kitchen and bathroom. I decided to use two for the bathroom use and two for the kitchen use. I can not stand the fact of the same cloth being used in both the kitchen and bathroom, it just makes me feel sick so was happy to hear that the sponges work out to be just 27p each. I would recommend these to everyone! They are fantastic.

Wilko Cleaning Spot On Cloths x 2 - £1.10

 Unique duel purpose cloth, for wiping and scrubbing. Soft and absorbent on one side, gentle spot abrasive action on the other side. The cloths are of mixed fibre material and are also machine washable. They are the perfect cloths for scrubbing and wiping down surfaces. They are soft and durable, I have washed mine a number of times and they are still going strong. A right bargain for the price!

 I am really happy that Wilkinson sent me some of their own brand cleaning products to try, I am now sure to save myself some money and have the same results that I would if I was to use a branded product, the only difference is the price, I am saving myself a few extra pounds!

Wilkinson have loads more of their own branded cleaning products starting from just 20p! To find out more about Wilkinson's own brand cleaning products check out the official site here, or follow them on Twitter here.

 Until next time,

Jade x




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