Wednesday 13 February 2013

Possession Uncut DVD Review

When Clyde a basketball coach, moves into a brand new home after his divorce to the Mother of his two children, he never would of guessed what would about to change his family lives. Separating from his daughter's Mother, Clyde has his two daughter's every weekend. Driving by a local yard sale, Clyde and his two young daughters stop to have a look at the items for sale, Emily, Clyde's youngest daughter comes across a wooden box that she ask Clyde to buy for her, the box unbeknown to Clyde or his young daughter, is possessed by a evil spirit trapped inside the box looking for a host to live in. Not long after buying the  box, Emily starts to change, eating lots more food and assaulting her father with a fork which she stabs through his hand.

The route of all evil is coming from the possessed spirit locked inside the wooden box Emily purchased from the yard sale, inside the box lays 'keepsake' items including a adult's tooth, the box is sealed tight, and in Hebrew it spells out 'Do Not Open', Emily, not to of known opens the box, as she is the first person to open the box, the spirit then takes turns to live in Emily's body and the wooden box, the spirit is looking for a host to live in and to eventually kill the spirit of the body, meanwhile pushing Emily away from her family. The Mother has an incident with Emily's 'possessed' body in the kitchen, not long after Emily's Mother's partner leaves the home and never returns after he has a freak incident with the possessed child.

Meanwhile, Clyde is refused access to the girls after the girls Mother is believed into thinking Clyde hit Emily, he goes on the hunt for the mystery surrounding Emily's love with the box, with the help from a friend, he discovers the boxes evil pass. Clyde tracks down a Jewish Rabi who lead's him to his father who may be able to help in the exorcism of Emily, the leader will not help, instead the son travels with Clyde to try and help the desperate Father. After a exorcism takes place at the hospital the spirit gains access to another body....

A great film for all horror fans, have your pillows at the ready and be warned for the loud screams!

Certificate 15 The Possession Uncut is out now on DVD and Blu Ray available to buy with a RRP of  £13.99 from Asda, Sainsburys, Amazon and all other good leading retailers.

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