Tuesday 12 February 2013

With All This Talk Of Valentines Day..

Everyone everywhere seems to be talking about Valentines day at the moment, with me being single, I don't know if I'm sad or relieved I'm single this year! Valentines day 2012 was spent with just me and Spud watching films, stuffing our faces and playing hide and seek, this year it will pretty much be the same, with just a few changes. The first change will be the films, we normally watch something Disney, then another Disney and another Disney film, but thanks to the lovely folks at Bazooka Candy (who I am hosting a competition for at the moment, check out the comps page here!) one of the films I watch this year will be a surprise, until my parcel arrives that is, the lovelies are sending me a romantic DVD, 2 ring pop hearts and some bubble bath, might not seem a lot to you lovers out there who are being wined and dined to the max, but to me, being with my beautiful boy is all I need. 

Valentines day after all is celebrated with loved ones, and my darling Spud is one of my loved ones. The second change will be the stuffing our faces bit, I will buy Spud some popcorn, and we will have a takeaway more then likely  but I have to limit myself because I have been asked to be a bridesmaid at .... (someone very special to me) wedding early next year!!! Too excited, now I really should start using the £30 a month gym membership I pay! Cause I'm stuck in a 18 month contract with them, otherwise believe me I would of long ago waved goodbye aha. I love food to much! I won't lie, give me chocolate, hey you can even send me chocolate if your really lovely, just ask for my address, and make sure it's nice, very nice chocolate ;)

Just for the people out there who are reading this post saying she's a lunatic, don't worry, the last sentence above was a joke, seriously! Apart from chocolate being nice!

I don't think I've ever had a fantastic Valentines day, Spud's father took me to the cinema one year, the next year we was baby sitting for our friends and then the other years he was valentining someone else behind my back! My ex, most probably the love of my life, I honestly cant remember our Valentine day's together, I've filled my head with so many negative memories, its hard to remember the good things. I'm superstitious,  thing's either come in 3's bad luck wise, or your be 3rd time lucky. I've loved two partners, I don't want to fall in love again, what if it's the 'it comes in 3s bad luck' term!? Screw that! Instead of waiting hours for a table at a restaurant (in case you forgot to book), or watching the most boring film at the cinema, sitting on the other side of your partner at the cinema (cause you left it to late, I'd rather be at home, watching Disney DVD's, not scoffing my face and spending time with my boy - Spud.

Spud's Valentines Presents From Me Last Year (2012).
To all you lovelies out there, I have a Valentine's day competitions currently running which you can find here on my competitions page! Whatever you decide to do this Valentines day, I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Jade x

P.S - Would love to hear what you've got planned this year, or what you are staying away from! Feel free to leave me Valentines day jokes, and disaster date stories, I need a good giggle! I'm off now, round two of pancakes! Yum =D


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