Wednesday 20 February 2013

Crayola MyPhones Earbuds Ear Phones Review

I was offered the chance to review some Griffin Crayola MyPhones Earbuds to review for Spud, and considering my earphones always get misplaced and are not safe for him to use with the high volume I knew it would be something that would benefit both me and Spud.

Whilst having a contact lens check up at my opticians, sitting in the waiting room killing time before my appointment I noticed a large poster on the wall talking about sound decibels and was surprised to learn some important facts, just shouting across a room can damage a child's hearing, the ringtone on a phone being placed on loud can also have an effect along with a list of many other sounds. As Spud was born premature, and has had his fair share of problems bless him, I have admittedly wrapped him in cotton wool trying to prevent future health problems.

Spud like most children these days, likes to go on Disney Junior or Cbeebies to play the child friendly games,  this normally is whilst I am watching Home and Away at 6pm, ever since receiving these ear phones, none of us have had any sound battles, he simply pops his earphones in and carries on with his game, leaving me to relax next to him watching my first soap of the evening. 

As a cautious parent I was worried about the earphones so checked them out first, I was pleased to hear that the earphones are volume limiting with a maximum 85db (decibel), I tried them out first having the laptop volume on full and was really pleased with the result. 

The earphones we received were Caribbean Green, they come with 3 sets of foam pieces, small, medium and large and comes complete with a funky Crayola style crayon carry case (the case holds the earphones and the spare buds but not the lead). 

Me and Spud really do like the design of the earphones, whilst in the ear's, they look like a crayon is sticking through the head when with the right bud looking like the crayon tip, and the left bud looking like the end of a crayon. They appealed to Spud the minute he noticed them, what child doesn't know a Crayola crayon?

The Griffin Crayola Myphones earbuds are available to buy in 4 of your favourite classic Crayola colours like Caribbean Green, Purple Pizzazz, Blue Berry and Cotton Candy for a suggested RRP of 16.99 from Amazon.

To find out more about the product check out the official Griffin website, you can find Griffin on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

Until next time,
Jade x


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