Friday 22 February 2013

Ape Escape DVD Review

Lionsgate very kindly sent Spud the newly released Ape Escape DVD, the DVD is based on the best selling video games Ape Escape, join Specter and his minions for wacky monkey mayhem in a series of colourful Ape Escape adventures!

Specter, the leader of the ape world, was just an ordinary ape at the zoo. That is until a “pipo-helmet,” which was invented by a brilliant, but absent minded, Professor, was accidentally dropped into his cage. When Specter puts the intelligence-boosting helmet on, he is suddenly given the intelligence of a human and even starts to look human. What is a super intelligent ape to do in a world dominated by people? 

The DVD consist of 19 mini episodes each running for 2-3 minutes at a time, the whole DVD is only 46 minutes long, great for when Mummy needs to do her hair and make up for a certain time, but you can't put a film on because the little ones will want to watch the whole film!
Neither me or Spud had heard of Ape Escape before, even though it has apparently been around since the PlayStation 1 days! I was a PlayStation 1 child, I was also a PlayStation 2 child, how I remember those days arguing with my little brother for who's turn was next!
Spud wasn't that keen on the DVD, to be honest he wasn't interested in the DVD after the first 10-12 episodes, Spud didn't like the fact that the episodes were so short and couldn't get to know the characters because he didn't know them, I passed the DVD onto my not so little any more brother, who's 21 this year and is a current PlayStation 3 'child' he didn't understand why Spud didn't like the DVD and told me it was simply 'genius', then again he is a gaming geek so knew what Ape Escape was, unlike me and Spud.
In my opinion, the DVD is great for any gaming fan or any Ape Escape fan, the Ape Escape DVD  was released on the 18th of February and is available to buy with a suggested RRP of £7.99 from Amazon or
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