Saturday 2 February 2013

Mine & Spuds Week

Last Friday (25th January) Spud was off school as he was poorly, this continued over the weekend and he also had Monday (28th January) off school. I took him into school Tuesday morning and explained to his teacher that he was still a little bit poorly, and was it best for me to take him back home, Spud's teacher and head of year group agreed Spud could stay in school and they would call me if he was poorly. Just before 2pm I received a phone call from the school saying Spud was ill and to collect him. I kept him off for the rest of week and he missed his school trip on Thursday. I purchased him three DVD's, two more Disney classic's to add to our growing collection, Lady and the Tramp and Peter Pan, my Nan gave him some pocket money and he brought a DVD out of it, then today two DVD's arrived in the post that we will be reviewing in the next week (Cupid Dog & Apes Escape). He has not really missed out on the school trip he missed because he has been there twice before already, in reception and year one, I have no idea why they decided to go to the same place 3 years in a row, it would of been nice for the children to experience something different and they do only have one trip a year, school days are boring these days, no wonder why so many children don't like school!

Last night my brother come round as planned and treated me and Spud to a yummy Chinese takeaway, we then put Disney's the Lion King on and my brother ended up falling asleep within 20 minutes bless him. I got him the spare duvet and let him stay for the night on the sofa. My brother's studied and worked since he left school with good GCSE's 4 year's ago, it's his 21st this year, but he will always be my baby brother! Me and my brother have a weird relationship, we have a strong bond, but its a love/hate bond, sometimes for months on end we argue and the times we are not arguing we are very close. He work's full time so I hardly get to see him anymore so nights like last night are very much appreciated from both me and Spud.

Tonight I have Baby Boo for the night whilst my sister goes out for the night, Spud is very excited and we have spent the day making our home baby proof! Spud is feeling a lot better and is now back to him happy usual self!

I don't think we are going out tomorrow so that means apart from a walk to the shop we have stayed in the whole weekend! I do love relaxing weekends!

Until next time,
Jade x  


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