Thursday 16 August 2012

A Trip To Reading Museum

Today I had to pop into town to sort something out that literally took 10 minutes, instead of making it a wasted journey (£5 on bus fair) I asked Spud if he would like to take a visit to the Museum where he could dress up as a King, he very quickly said yes! We live in Reading and was in the town centre anyway so all we had to do was take the 5 minute walk to the other side of the town centre and we was there. The Museum is free to enter and also has a cafe and little shop.

 Outside the Museum

Once inside the Museum we left Spud's balloon with the reception and asked for permission to take photo's, we were aloud too apart from the art gallery's. Leo picked up a summer holiday pack containing a number of work sheets and a laminate picture bingo sheet. Spud really liked the bingo sheet, every time he fount a item from his bingo card he placed a sticker on the top, he was also interested to see how thing's were different many years ago for example the centre and end picture below show a old pram and a Salon's pricing list, 60p for a haircut! I wish!

Spud with his fun and bingo pack.
The old pram's
A hair cut from 60p

There was lots of things for us to see and lot's of little fun task to participate in, we lifted little flaps to smell different herbs. we used Roman mini tiles to write Spud, and Spud also made a pattern from them. We played a mini Roman game with a Museum volunteer and visited the animal section.

Smelling the herbs.
Spud from Roman tiles.
A stuffed Dear.

We also visited the Victorian section, this is my favourite History era. I showed Spud how in Victorian times there was no white boards and everything was done on a chalk board including some of the pupil's work, he sat down at one of the Victorian school desk and had a look at the slate.

Victorian workers.
Victorian classroom board.
Spud at a Victorian pupil desk.

And finally the part Spud was most excited for, to dress up as a King, here is my little man on the throne complete with the crown.

My Little King

We handed the bingo sheet back to a Museum worker and Spud was gave a sticker saying I took part in the fun at Reading Museum. A nice few hours discovering lots of new things and taking part in lots of fun for free!

Until next time,
Jade x