Wednesday 22 August 2012

A Bad Day

Grrr... So yeah today's been a bad day, the first part of the day was great, my family are back from holiday and I couldn't wait to see them, thankfully I didn't have to wait long as my Mum arranged with me to take me shopping (another reason why I want to learn how to drive, not having to depend on people or public transport!). 

Myself and Spud got in my mum's car and greeted my mum and little sister, they tell us we are going to a toy shop before the supermarket, so off we set for my little sister to spend her leftover holiday money. When we got inside the toy shop my little sister picked a Lego item and had £6 left which she very kindly said Spud could have. So off we go aisle after aisle looking for something Spud liked within the price range, we finally found a Toy Story 3 Jessie for £4.99, he has the Woody product out of the range so wanted Woody's 'girlfriend' as Spud call's her.

We set off for the tills and Spud's toy scans at £7.99 so I notify the assistant serving us that they are on the shelves for £4.99 and it wasn't the only one there, and there is still plenty left, her reply to us was ''no, I don't think so''! My reply was sorry, are you calling me a liar!? Can you just call a manager please, I wasn't happy, to say the least! I was fuming with humiliation and embarrassment as her comment was said in front of all the other customer's waiting to be served by her (she was the only person on a row of 5/6 tills serving). So she picks up the phone, informs who I thought was a manager about the problem and the product and hangs up.

Then she asked my little sister for the Lego product back and puts them behind her, I asked what she was doing and she said that until someone could come and speak to me she will serve other customer's. I felt myself getting angrier and angrier and said loudly, no you won't we were here first so we will be served. Really I should have apologised to the other customer's as they were being kept up, but why should I apologise and why was she the only one serving? That was my next question to her which she ignored, lovely!

So a lady comes over in staff uniform (this is how I know she wasn't a manager, as managers wear their own clothes and not uniform), didn't bother greeting me which I found rude and tell's her colleague - the assistant serving us that they are in fact £7.99 and not £4.99, she goes on to say she remembers because she see them earlier. So I say can I show you where they are please, the look I got from this woman!!! Like I was a piece of dirt, I am so angry, still now, hours later whilst I'm writing this post.

So after a flump she replies with 'if you can show me', so me and the kids in tow, walk to where the Toy Story 3 figures are and show her the stand with every single price ticket saying £4.99, £4.99 - £4.99! This woman just didn't want to admit that I was right and her colleague was wrong, so she starts taking the other products down and telling me they have been dumped there! There was at least 12 of them, how could they of been dumped, if they had been dumped whoever had done it clearly had time on their hands as they weren't dump -dumped, they were put back on the stands correctly.

As she stands there silently, with me getting even more shocked with the customer service in this store I then say so what's going to happen, she then says they are £7.99 so in a raised voice I said to her ''where is one single ticket stating that any of these products are £7.99? They all say £4.99, you have to honour the price I know my rights''. We then went looking for a manager, to cut a long story short the manager agreed with me, no description or ticket to say the product was £7.99, I was allowed the product for £4.99 I said goodbye to the manager and that was all. Then it gets even better... NOT!

Off we go to the supermarket, I am annoyed, hungry and thirsty so pick up a Dr Pepper, I love Dr Pepper by the way, you'll soon get to know this I'm sure!  I pick up a chicken tikka slice to have when I got home as a late lunch, I do my shopping pay and leave.

I get home and unpack the shopping, whilst putting it all away I leave my Dr Pepper & tikka slice out the fridge, once done I sit down ready to enjoy both of them and notice the date on the packet! It's two days out of date! I ring the supermarket and they say OK thanks for letting us know, I hung up, I couldn't be bothered with any more bad customer service, I've had my fair share for today! I wonder if the company knows selling out of date products can carry a £5000 fine for each item? 

I'm just glad Spud's chicken and bacon one was OK as giving something to a child then taking it back off them is just horrible, and I am also glad I never ate the slice before realising or before I started throwing up, out of date meat could easily be disguised by the strong tikka sauce!

On a better note, Legoland tomorrow with my Spud, his very first time, excited much!

Hope you have all had a better day than me!!

Until next time,
Jade x


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