Friday 31 August 2012

I Won, I Won *Dances*

I just had to share my great news with my lovely followers and reader's, I won a competition yesterday morning, a packet of sweets from Rowntree worth about 60p, but hey a wins a win right? I started comping because other Mummy Bloggers inspired me, it's great seeing so many of them winning so much stuff, I thought I would try out my luck and give comping ago, my first win, maybe small and worth no more then 60p but I was still happy.

Then later on that evening I get a Tweet from Attachment Mummy saying Congratulations Jade.... from the moment I read that Tweet I started shaking, I can only remember entering one competition on her blog, for a Vtech Kids Innotab which is number 1 on Spud's Christmas list, clicking onto her blog site to see if I had entered any more competitions and realising it was just the one I had entered, my heart was beating faster and faster and my hands shaking more faster then I ever thought a hand could shake. Somehow with me on the verge of having a heart attack and my fingers smacking into each other faster and faster with my excitement shakes I was receiving I managed to get back on to Twitter and must of read Attachment Mummy's Tweet over and over again, to say 10 times would be an understatement.

I'm not a lucky person, good thing's don't seem to happen for me and my family, so for me to receive two wins, one so small and one so big in one day, was absolutely amazing for me! It didn't end there though did it? Much to my surprisement.

The first thing I done after Tweeting back a very big thanks to Attachment Mummy I rang my Mum and Dad, I just had to tell them, I was so excited I needed to share my news, I'm chatting away for a good 10-15 minutes, get off the phone, go back onto Twitter and not even an hour later I think, I receive a Tweet from Ren Behan/Fabulicious Food informing me I have won a Bake Me I'm Yours... Sweet Bitesize Bakes: 25 Baking Recipes for Mini Sweet Treats and Desserts book! The book is by the lady over at Maison Cupcake. They say it comes in 3s don't they! Beginners luck or so I'm told =)

Tomorrow me and Spud are off to the seaside for the day with 2 lovely friends of mine, the last big thing before the summer holidays are sadly over!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Until next time,
Jade x


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