Jungle Mania Woodley Review.

in , by Jada, August 18, 2012
Yes, another soft play centre! Where we live we have 5 within 10-15 minutes from us, The Madhouse, Krazy Kids, Monkey Mates, Jungle Mania and Kids'n'Action so we are quite spoilt for choice. Yesterday we visited Jungle Mania, and with permission, I was allowed to take pictures of Spud, my little big man and my baby boo. This was our first visit to Jungle Mania, as it hasn't been open for very long.

We paid the entry fee, £5.50 for children above 4, £4.50 for 2-4 year old's and for children under 24 month's it's £1.50, parking is also available for free in selected spaces which is good as some play centre's don't have their own car park so your left paying the car park as well.

From the outside you would never guess how big it is inside, you would not even know what was in the inside from the outside, they do say to never judge a book by its cover, don't they. There was us thinking it's going to be tiny, well we sure had a surprise when we walked in. We did not bring the buggy for baby boo, but if we would of, we would have had no problem's as you can walk straight in! No stairs to climb, no lifts to wait for, just walk straight in.


Seeing as it is the summer holiday's we expected the play centre to be really busy, but we were wrong. I liked this as sometimes these kinds of places get way too busy and your child does not experience the full effect of the play centre. Jungle Mania has some soft play that I've not seen in other centre's, it is to me unique. With little big man loving animal's he was in his element loving every minute of it, and my Spud, of course, we live in a flat so for him to be able to run riot and not have a care for the neighbours below us was fantastic, watching him use up loads of energy of something he was enjoying made me happy.

Jungle Mania has a large play area for older children and also a smaller part for babies and toddlers, the smaller part has a ball pit, a mini slide, activity stations, and loads of soft play for the babies/toddlers to play with. Baby boo climbed steps for his first-ever time here!

The large play area has a large slide, a spiral slide, a medium-sized ball pit and loads loads more. What I most liked about Jungle Mania is that unlike other soft play centre's I fount it really easy to follow the children around, It was really spacious and I had no problems getting to each part of the soft play area, I even took baby boo down the slide a few times.

Baby boo was having a great time getting to explore his different options, he has just recently started crawling, so for him to be able to crawl off using his independence choosing what he wanted to explore was good to watch. One thing he loved was the ball pit and climbing the soft play stairs! This was the first time he had ever tried and the first time round he was able to do it all by himself! Proud auntie moment!

Actually, all 3 children loved the ball pit, jumping around and burying themselves under the balls

Jungle Mania also sells cold food and drinks. Ohh and don't worry hot drink fan's, they also sell hot drinks and food too. The kids lunches come inside a animal food box.

Jungle Mania also has some ride-on toys, below is a picture of Spud on one of them, and the other picture is my little big man and spud in the ball pit.

So this is my review on our time at Jungle Mania, where baby boo climbed steps for the first-ever time <3.

Until next time,
Jada x

Disclosure*I was not paid to do a review on Jungle Mania, nor was I compensated in any way, we paid for the children from our own pocket. This is my own personal review on Jungle Mania and all comments are of my own opinion.
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