Saturday 4 August 2012

Cheap Home Made Party/Loot Bags

Mama do the hump Mama do the hump hump... My phone was ringing, and yet again my bag had managed to swallow it, so there I am in my living room trying to find the damn thing, ahh finally, Hello I answered, It was my friend Annessa, today was the day of her little girl's 1st birthday party and she had a problem...

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I FORGOT PARTY BAGS, She said loudly down the phone, what am I going to do, I don't have time to go to town or a supermarket to buy any, I have all the items to go into party bags, but have no bags for the items to go in, can you help Jade? I often get request of little things like this from my friend's, I don't see myself as an artist, but if i do admit so myself, I do have a little creative side inside me.

After a brief minute of thinking, I said to her, do you have sandwich bags? Yes she replied, I said great I'll be over in 20 minutes. Great she said and we ended our phone call.

I went to my craft box, Spud has his own separate craft box, see yesterday's post for some pictures, and digged out the ribbon, pink for a princess, perfect and off we went on our 2 minute walk to Annessa's.

My idea was quite simple, but in its own way unique. Here is what we used, Beco Rainbow Sandwich Bags £1.89 for 30 (4 different colours and Includes 30 stickers which we popped inside the party bags), a wheel of ribbon 99p, and scissors.

We filled the bags with the sweets and little surprises including the stickers that come with the sandwich bags, and then simply cut a piece of ribbon and tied it around the bag

We ran out of pink ribbon, a quick dash back to mine to get some more ribbon, this time yellow, so 2 of them had yellow ribbon.

There you have it, unique, cheap and simple party bags =)

Until next time,
Jade x


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