If you have read my Chocolate by Genevie review, then you may be as surprised as me, after reading this blog post here from Fuss Free Flavours, I am so shocked I just don't know what to do.

I am so disappointed, to say the least. I am new to the blogging scene and have never been in such a situation, I never even thought something like this could happen, hopefully I never find myself in this situation again. The situation being, a company misled me and other bloggers into thinking their products were hand-made/homemade or whatever it was they stated.

Is her name even Genevie?? Or is it Liz?
I would like to know if they are even food safety registered! I mean my son ate those chocolates along with me. Thank God none of us come down ill! It is absolutely disgusting at what lengths companies go-to for a bit of publicity, I have learned a valuable lesson here and will be very careful at what products I review from now on.

And as for the review I've already done on Chocolates by Genevie, I will be editing it to include a note at both the top and bottom of the post to explain what I have just fount out.

Jada x
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