Friday 3 August 2012

Under a Pound Tubs To Add To Our Craft Box

Just a short post today, I popped to what Spud call's little Town today to pay my gas, electric and water bills, and whilst there browsed a few shops and managed to pick up a tub full of foam alphabet letters for 99p from the 99p Store, in each tub you get eight pieces of each letter in four different colours, so for example 2 Orange L's, 2 Blue L's, 2 Green L's & 2 Red L's, they are ready to stick with a paperback adhesive. 

I picked up 2 tubs because with these kinds of shops you don't know if the items are one-offs or regulars. Great for the arts and crafts box, Spud cant wait to make his first arts and craft item from them!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, until next time,
Jade x


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