Thursday 9 August 2012

Just One Of Those Days..

Today me & Spud had nothing planned, apart from going to collect 3 DVDs I arranged to buy from our local buy and sell site. Disney's Peter Pan and 2 Disney Classics, The Fox & The Hound and Robin Hood all for a grand total of £6. Make sure you check out Facebook for local buy and sell site's in your area, and also Gum Tree, we have picked up some great bargains in the past from using these kind of sites.


So apart from our short trip to pick up the DVDs we had nothing planned, I decided it was going to be another craft day, and today we made a pretty rainbow fish. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a artist sketch pad from The Works store for 99p, a packet of multi coloured tissue paper from Wilkinson's for £1.09, a packet of mini felt tips also from Wilkinson's for 20p and some craft glue from Buyology for 59p, the total cost of materials to make the fish cost £2.87 with plenty of paper, tissue paper, glue and use of the felt tips left.

I cut out a fish shape and simply drew a design on it, Spud started his one off, but then decided to quit his after a few scribbles and help Mummy with her one instead. This is our finishing project.
We simply cut the tissue paper up into little squares, glued the sections with our craft glue, and screwed up our chosen colour of tissue paper and stuck them down (as you can see, 2 sections are multi coloured). I then drew the lips and eye, and we added a pattern to stop the face looking so plain. 

*I'd also like to tell you about a great free craft download I found today. YouNee is an Olympic Rabbit, available for free via download on the Popagami website (PDF file). There are other animals also available for free download, have a browse around the site for more great Popagami downloads. Click here to visit the official Popagami website.

Keep an eye out on my blog as Popagami has very kindly sent me 6 packs of Popagami, 1 for me and Spud to review and the other 5 are for 5 lucky people to win via a competition I will be hosting. Keep checking back on my blog for regular updates.

Until next time,
Jade x

*Please note I was not asked in any way to post about Popagami, today after receiving a message from Popagami asking me to review their product I had a browse on their website and fount the free Olympic Rabbit that I thought I would share to my reader's.


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