Sunday 26 August 2012


I have the worse headache ever but I'm in charge of not one, but two children.

Two sleeping boys - Spud & Baby Boo.

A messy front room - as in toys everywhere, down the back of the sofa's, on the window seals, on top of the radiators, under the tv cabinet, stuck on the ceiling - well they may as well be, and under my feet.

I want to go to sleep, like NOW.


I can't, because of my stupid head, so instead, I'm up doing my first set of awards, watching some random film and hoping this horrid headache shifts.

I don't have any paracetamol or any kind of pain killer in the house, apart from some Calpol but considering my age and the age it's intended for, I'd most probably need a full bottle, so I'm trying to ride it out, and hoping it goes - really quick!

Tomorrow I have no plans, I still have to sort out Spud's playroom but I really don't know if I want too now, knowing I'm in for little sleep tonight. However its been something I've been saying I'll do for ages, and I fear if I don't get it done tomorrow, it won't be done for a few more months at least.

Luckily it's not too bad in there, it's just a matter of sorting through toys and books Spud has outgrown and having a general tidy up and re-organisation. It will also be a great time to sort out items for family members and items for the charity shop, we always try to re-cycle when appropriate, unless toys are broken beyond repair, and then sadly they do have to go to landfill.

This is a totally random post, yes I am aware, but I am the writer of this blog, and I am unique!

Until next time,
Jade x


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