Monday 20 August 2012

Although I'm Only 22...

As a lot of you may know I am quite new to the blogging scene so over time you will read more about me and discover more about my life. I have had quite a few emails about my blog design, I must admit, this is not the first time I have worked with templates/graphics. 

The thing is with me is that I get bored very easily if I don't enjoy what I am doing, I will not carry on with whatever it is that I am doing. So although in my about me section I have told you I done Beauty Therapy at college, I have done so much more. Before college, as I had Spud when I was 15, I went to a Young Mum's Course 3-4 times a week, there I did NVQ Maths and English level 1 and lots of other mini causes including First Aid, Computer courses, Cooking and much more.

My first ever college course was a Business & ICT course, I passed the ICT class within 2 months, so never had to do an ICT class again. Not to be big-headed but I do know a little about computers. Secondly, I then did a Beauty course, then a Nail Technician course and finally a Construction course.
I was the only girl on the course and at first I felt like I wasn't accepted by the boys, I felt like an outcast, I used to eat my lunch alone and just sit there by myself, but it never stopped me from finishing the course, I never once felt like I was going to give up, because whilst they used to laugh at the way I walked in the big heavy boots or the way I looked in messy dirty overalls whilst turning up with my hair extensions in and my makeup dolled on I wanted to prove that this wasn't just a blokes job. In time the boys started to trust me, and in time I would eat lunch with some of them, or go shop with them and take the mick out of them just like they did me, the Construction course was the best course I have ever done, it made me feel a little bit more unique then I already felt.

My partner at the time come in on my last full day and took some photo's of me lol. The banter I received on this course for having my nails done and little stuff like that now makes me look back and laugh. Sadly at the time I had a partner who was quite jealous and I lost all contact with the boys, it would be good to meet up and have a reunion, see what we are all doing with ourselves now and for them to see how big Spud has got!

My last college course to date was an Access Course in Health & Social Care, a 4-year course crammed into 1 year, very hard work but very rewarding and worth while, the gate way to Uni (if and when I decide to go).

Back to the graphic talk, I wasn't out playing at the park with my friends when I had Spud, getting my parents to look after him like one manager from a very well known sports shop I once worked in said to me. I only ever left Spud when he was in a private nursery so I could carry on with my education. I was starting to get bored at night times when Spud was a baby so I went onto fan sites of the band I loved back then and created my own website for fans. My Mum purchased Coral Paint Shop Pro for me and from that day onwards my graphic designs were seen everywhere, sadly MSN decided to close down the groups and all work was lost, and as time went on my life become busier as Spud become more active. Although I am now back and will hopefully be able to pick up on the gifted graphic designing.

Don't worry about me becoming bored though, I won't do it with my blog, I love it!

Until next time,
Jade xx


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