Monday 13 August 2012

Im Unique, I'm Not A Follower Or A Leader

Yep, my title's right. I'm a unique person, not only a unique young Mummy but also unique in person. I don't follow nor do I lead, call me an outcast and I'll call me unique. You might wonder why I'm writing this, 2 reason's really, after browsing a few other young mum's blogs I come across a lot of not your average stereotypical teenage mother, I'm still with my child's father and little nitty comment's like that, and it UPSET me.

I met Spud's father when I was 13, I fell pregnant at 15 and had Spud a month before my 16th birthday. Yes, me and Spud's father broke the law, the law is made up of load's of rules, some I will never understand mind you. Anyway, who follows the rules? I mean hand on heart can you honestly say you've always followed the rules? If you have then good for you if you have not then welcome to the crew, where a  majority of people worldwide break rules. If that rule wasn't broken my Spud would not be here, so out of all the rules I've broken in my life, this is one I would never regret.

I was in a relationship with Spud's father for just over 5 year's, after taking him back after previous time's of playing away, and one resulting in Spud having a sibling 5 month's older than him I finally ended the relationship on my 18th birthday when my party was ruined, I'd had enough. So NO I'm not your average stereotypical teenage mother, I'm not with my child's father, but does that make me a bad mother? Put that statement across to me and I would argue until the day you give up that I am far from that.

My child is cared for, he's fed, he's clothed, he's clean, he's bathed, he's warm, he has appropriate toys for his age, he has freedom, he has a good healthy diet and most of all, he is respected, valued and loved for unconditionally. I may not have got to see the side of life other young girl's my age live, clubbing, girly holidays, cinema and Nando's whenever I fancied but I wouldn't change my life for anything.

So next time you judge another young mum and say just another typical one, she's not with the father, please remember my story. I was not to of known I was going to get lied too and cheated on, should I of stayed with him? Ruining my confidence and trust? I did for 5 year's, and I am thankful to him for giving me my son, and that is all he ever really gave me that was positive. Psychology has proven it is better for parents to separate in difficult times instead of living a lie to protect children from becoming hurt, children can sense problems. I am now happier then I have ever been. I am not physic, I was not to know I was going to get cheated on, so yes I am not your average stereotypical teenage mother.

I am unique.

Here is a picture of my living room, it reads 'Mothers hold their children's hands for a while... their hearts forever' with pictures of me and Spud around it.

I was going to post this yesterday as I see a lot of blog's take part in Silent Sunday but after seeing the rules, this picture didn't fit, hence why I never posted the picture yesterday, reason number 2. I'm not saying I will never take part in the Silent Sunday scheme, it's just this photo was not taken in the week and you're not even allowed wording in the title, so, for now, I'll give it a pass and maybe have my own silent Sunday by not posting full stop! After all, as a Christian the 7th day is a day of rest? I'm not preaching and nor shall I plan on mentioning religion on my blog any time in the near future. All religions are welcome here. My online home.

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