Saturday 11 August 2012

Popagami Review & Competition

A loud thud hit the floor and Spud got all excited making his way to the door to see what ''Postman Pat'' had delivered to us. ''Look, Mummy look'', called Spud, ''it's a massive one today, oh please Mummy, can we open it now?''. I've started buying for Christmas already so sometimes I have to say this one we will have to open another time), so off we went in the direction of the living room to open our 'massive' letter.

Spud watched my every move to see what sofa I was planning to sit down on, I do admit when a parcel comes I also get excited so seem to plump myself down where ever I can, sometimes it's a miracle finding a safe seat. I will be sat down and Spud comes in from his bedroom or playroom saying quick mummy get up, get up, so I stand up quickly panicking about what's happened to be told where I'm sitting is not my place but in fact one of Spud's toys/teddies.

I carefully opened the parcel, Spud was squealing by this time as I've informed him we have some new products on the way to try out, and this was our very first one, The World Of Popagami Animal Fun Activity Book and Animal Pack had reached its destination, our home. The creator of Popagami, Philip Craik sent us a pack out to review along with 5 copies to give away in competitions that will be spread out each month until December (in time for Christmas though).

We opened the pack straight away and as they looked so exciting to make we decided to make one that moment, Spud choose the Giraffe to make first as giraffes are his favourite animal's. The pack comes with 12 animal designs, Gilly the Giraffe, Cleo the Cat, Paws the Bear, Monty the Mountain Lion, Moocho the Cow, Buckaroo the Horse, Vermeer the Meerkat, Moose the Mouse, Jack the Rabbit, Rivets the Robot and Teddy the Tiger.

Thanks to the book's great instructions & key I was able to make the Giraffe in less than 10 minutes. Adult help will be needed to read out the instructions and to guide children through the steps. With step by step guides on what to do it is really quite easy but fun as well.

Included inside the book are 15 designs - all 12 Animals mentioned above and three create your own black and white rabbit, cat and horse templates, and 12 activities, they fondly refer the Popagami Animals as pop-ettes. You can either cut the pages out of your book or you can order supplementary packs from the website. Talking about the website, if the guides aren't helping as much as you'd like, do visit the official website for some video guides on how to make the perfect Pop-Ettes.
The great thing about the Pop-Ettes is they can be used as a variety of things, here are just a few examples; Pop-ettes can be used as Finger Puppets, Small Gift Boxes, Gift Tags, Straws and they can even be made water proof so they can float! How great is that? There are many more ideas inside the book. To make them inflate to Pop-ettes you simply blow them up as you would a balloon, but only a few puffs are needed for these, unlike a balloon that takes every breath in your body!

Here is Spud with our finishing products, Gilly the Giraffe and Cleo the Cat

Popagami products are available to buy from the official website, starting from £2.75 with the most expensive item costing £6.50. The book pack is also now on sale in a number of Waterstone stores and lots of on-line book outlets.

I would recommend these products to anyone with children, or anyone buying for a child, they are easy, fun and creative and great for the craft box for them craft sessions many of us parents have. I'd also recommend them to adults as well, after getting Spud to bed this evening I had a go at making Teddy the Tiger, here are all 3 of our Pop-ettes, we are saving the rest for another day.

They would be great as a pre Christmas gift as well, Children could sit and do these whilst parents are busy with other Christmas activities, Pop-ettes can be used as Christmas Crackers and they easily fit fairy lights in them as well making them great home made decorations, I'm starting to think the list is endless for their use.

Popagami has very kindly sent us 5 packs to give away, we will be hosting a competition once a month up until early December. Enter the competition below and don't forget to check back on a regular basis to keep an eye out on more updates.

Jada x

Disclosure - I was sent this product on the basis to review it, I have not received a payment for reviewing this product. All comments, views and opinions are of my own and have not been influenced in any way shape or form.


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