Sunday 2 September 2012

A Beautiful Day Turned Horrid.

Yesterday me and Spud went to Bournemouth with 2 friends for the day, we didn't know prior to arrival but the Bournemouth Air Show Festival was actually taking place, was an extra bonus, sitting on the beach for free, bar the price of the car park, watching this fantastic show of many different air vehicles, Spud splashed in the sea, played with the sand and shouted ''look Mummy, look at that one'' every time a plane was above us, the one stunt he loved the most was people jumping off a plane at 500ft high, WOW. 

A plane's contrails at Bournemouth Air Festival

Me and Spud then went off in the town alone, to have a look around and mainly to get some lunch, we fount Mcdonalds and decided we would just eat there. We are sitting down eating our lunch and then see a crowd of people surrounding this lady who was crying, turns out her little boy had gone missing after going to the loo by himself. Mcdonalds was checked over and over and then the police was called. If anyone is from the Bournemouth area and could give me an update on this little fella I would be most grateful, a parents wlly lucky I received a Keep Me Safe Bear for Spud just a few day's before our trip, it was really packed due to the Air Festival and really did come in handy, keep an orse night mare and it hasn't stopped playing on my mind since it had happened. I'm reaeye out for my review on that very soon!

 Ice cream, fun fair rides and a trip to the nearest game shop and our time in the town was coming to an end, we had a slow walk back to the beach through a beautiful park, sadly I forgot the name and my phone battery had died so I couldn't even take a photo! 

We then got back to the beach and then the trouble started...

I'm not going into too many details but I would just like to say a massive thank you to the ambulance crew who attended to me and looked after me due to a panic attack, hello if you are reading this by the way :) I hope you like my blog!? Ohh and I can't forget The White Rabbit pub in Lyndhurst for letting me use their phone/computer and load's of other small things, as well as the lovely Assistant Manager giving me and Spud a lift to Southampton train station where my Dad and Uncle picked us up, we didn't get in till gone 1am so we are both very tired today, Spud keeps asking me if I'm OK and he keeps informing me he is a doctor and he is going to take care of me, what more could I want on a Sunday then cuddling up with my baby, watching whatever tickles his fancy and knowing we are both safe and at home.

Thank you God, thank you to the Ambulance crew who attended and treated me, thank you to The White Rabbit pub in Lyndhurst especially the Assistant Manager, and thank you to my Dad & Uncle for collecting us from Southampton and getting us back home safely.

Until next time,
Jade x