Monday 3 September 2012

The Bakewell Soap Company Review

I was recently sent a bar of hand made soap from The Bakewell Soap Company. Their logo reads The Bakewell Soap Co. Handmade at the Mill. I have never been interested in different soaps before I received the bar we were sent, I normally just buy anti-bacterial soap from the supermarket included in our weekly shop. I have never brought hand made fancy soap but after reviewing this beautiful hand made bar I now know where to go - The Bakewell Soap Company.

May Chang & Calendula Petal soap from The Bakewell Soap Company.

The bar I received was 80g minimum May Chang & Calendula the product description reads sharp lemon notes with hints of orange, this buttery-orange soap is speckled with healing Calendula petals. May Chang oil is naturally antiseptic and has some anti-inflammatory properties.

This soap is perfect, although more expensive then soap from a supermarket it is beautiful, the scent and smell is something that stays with you for a good hour the colour and texture is just a beauty to the eye. I need an anti-bacterial soap as being a parent I do not wish to expose my son to germs that can easily be washed away, I also have very bad Psoriasis and this didn't affect my skin condition in any way nor did it affect it. The soap I was sent was from the range below:

100% Pure Essentials

Gentle, moisturising soaps made from premium ingredients, free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and parabens.

Made with Olive, Organic Palm & Coconut oils, Cocoa and Shea Butter, and superfatted with 3% Golden Jojoba Oil.

Pure essential oil and botanical extracts provide additional therapeutic properties helping keep skin in tip-top condition.

As well as a wide variety of different soaps, The Bakewell Soap Company sells lip balm,
pocket balm, bath salts, bath oils, hand and body balm, muscle relief rub and more.

I would recommend The Bakewell Soap Company to anyone and everyone including children,
Spud has been using this with me and it is perfectly fine, we have experienced no problems with the soap.
Great as a present for any occasion or just to treat yourself to some beautiful hand made smelly soap.

The soap I was sent for review is currently £3.45 on special offer. To check out The Bakewell Soap company official website click here.

Disclosure - I was sent this product on the basis to review it, I have not received a payment for reviewing this product but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the product. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form. 


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