Wednesday 19 September 2012

I'm Feeling Like A Horrible Person, I Am So Guilty!

In the early hours of Monday morning, Spud climbed up onto my bed and told me he wasn't feeling well, I shot up and turned the light on to wake myself up a bit more. Spud informed me he had a bellyache, 5 minutes later he was on the toilet, and that's how the rest of the day went, no school, instead lots of movies and snuggles at home with Mummy. On Tuesday Spud was more perked up and we had no toilet incidents, but he couldn't go back to school because of the 48 no sickness and diarrhoea policy. 

Spud snuggling into me for a cuddle

So today, we wake up to the alarm, and Spud informs me he has a bellyache, I asked him if he was telling the truth because he was fine yesterday (Tuesday) he said yes, I wasn't so sure though. Since discovering Spud's troubles at school, I thought maybe he was making up an excuse to not go, so I tell Spud he has to go to school, and if he is poorly they will call me up.

All is well until 2pm when I'm at Asda doing the weekly shop and my phone starts ringing, the name flashes up and its Spud's school, I answer and its the news I thought it may of been, I needed to collect Spud as he had a little accident, so I pay for my shopping and go to pick my boy up, the first thing he said to me was I told you I had a belly ache Mummy. I have never ever felt so guilty in my life, I apologised and when we got home I gave my baby the biggest cuddle ever. Sadly, it looks as though my Spud has got a bug, not a 24-hour bug, but a bug that's likes to have a day break so it seems.

The thing is, is I'm sure you've done it in the past, whether it be to your parent's to get out of school, your work, or even a friend for that much-dreaded gym session, we've all lied and said we was poorly when we weren't and as Spud was genuinely fine yesterday, I honestly thought he was trying to nab another day off school. Now I know he was not fibbing but indeed telling the truth, so when my Spud is feeling better, we are off to town to get him something new as Mummy is feeling terrible for sending him to school with a bad belly!

Today one of the item's we have been sent for review has come in very handy! Make sure you check out the blog later for our review on Organic Children Hand Sanitizer.

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