Sunday 9 September 2012

Mu Cheese Review

I was recently asked to do a post on the new products MU cheese had brought out specially designed for children on my blog, I couldn't really ask for it to be a sponsored post as the cheese was under the value of £10, so instead, I asked the lovely PR for Mu if she could send me some vouchers so I could purchase the cheese and do a review on it instead. What we actually got sent to us was the Mu cheese products on ice! Not literally on ice but 8am last Saturday morning we had a parcel delivery, it was a cool bag with ice packs and the cheese products, how great is that? I never thought of chilled products being sent via delivery!

This is what we received, a packet of 4 MU 100% Cheddar Sticks and a packet of 16 MU 100% Cheddar Patz.


 The first thing I done was examined the packaging of each product, I think these are the funkiest packets of cheese I have ever seen, they really do stand out. I like the cow design and how info really stands out and is clear and easy to read.  What I liked most about the product info was the fact they are 100% cheddar with no added ingredients and each item contains the equivalent of one glass of milk, so I don't have to worry about what else was in the products that my child was going to be eating and the bonus was he was getting a calcium fix just by having 1 of the MU cheddar sticks.


The sticks are individually wrapped and each stick carries an aMUsing fact. Spud had one once I had finished reading the back of the packet and asked for another one straight away, I told him to wait until after lunch time and we needed to save some.

 When Spud started back to school the following Tuesday, I included one in his packed lunch, along with a sandwich, mini biscuits, some apples and raisins and a Yazoo milkshake (review coming soon). When Spud got home he had ate everything up, including the MU cheese stick, he had one again the next day (Wednesday) and also shopping day! I normally shop at Asda and couldn't see any to buy but popped to Tesco the next day and picked up some more packets there.

 Next to test out was the MU cheese patz, they are perfect for pizza making, pasta making, and for fun sandwiches, or for even just snacking on (which is what I done hehe). Unfortunately because they were so tasty, we never had the opportunity to try them out with pasta or pizza instead we snacked on them and made some cheese toasties from them.

In the process of making the cheese toasties, we snacked on them, within 10 minutes of opening the packet, they was all gone :-(

 They are perfect for children and adults (I can tell you that) and are tasty too! Another great thing is Spud actually ate these, I like strong Cheddar whilst he likes mild, and this was just perfect for him, and I loved the taste too! I didn't taste out the MU cheese sticks as Spud had all of them, but I did have a toastie along with Spud.

 The Sticks and Patz are joining the existing line up of MU’s Mild Cheddar, Medium Cheddar, Mature Cheddar and Lighter Mature Cheddar. Also in the range are some handy packs of MU Sliced Cheddar and Grated Cheddar – perfect for sandwiches.  Available exclusively from Tesco, each cheese comes in a fun “cow splat” resealable pack to help keep all the goodness and taste safely locked up.  

·         MU Cheeses are available in blocks of 350g priced from £2.49
·         MU Mature Slices are available in packs of 10 slices (250g) with an RRP of £2.60
·         MU Mature Grated is available in packs of 350g at an RRP of £3.50
·         MU Sticks are available in packs of four for £1.25
·         MU Patz are available in a pack of 16 slices for £1.30

Disclosure - I was sent these products on the basis to review them, I have not received a payment for reviewing these products but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the products. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form.


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