Monday 24 September 2012

WIN A Boo Bear Keep Me Safe Alarm!!

Did you read my review on the Boo Bear Keep Me Safe Alarm? If not you may just want to read it now (click here), I personally think every child every where should have one. We take Spud's everywhere with us now, it has become part of our daily getting ready routine, brushing our teeth, washing, getting dressed and clipping on the bear!!!

Well now you've read the review how would you like the opportunity to win one for your child/yourself?

I am changing the way I am going to do this competition as I personally think this company needs more recognition. The bear was invented by a school girl, I love the bear and think it need's a lot more recognition.

So YES although I may be using rafflecopter I would like the rules to be followed! I WILL be checking entries, so please don't try and cheat, as cheaters will be caught, and I will ban you from every competition I ever ever host! 

Got it? What you waiting for! Try your luck on winning a bear today!!


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