Friday 21 September 2012

Boo Bear "Keep Me Safe" ® Review

When I stumbled upon the Keep Me Safe Alarms website I instantly said I need one for Spud, so I was thrilled when we was given the opportunity to review one. Not sure what I am talking about? Well read on below for my review on the Personal Attack Alarm bear for children.

The Personal Attack Alarm bear was invented by 13 year old schoolgirl Forrest Smyth after being given a school project to invent something useful for children. What she designed was the cute personal attack alarm, a cute little teddy bear on a keyring with a clip too, inside the bear hidden away so no one will ever know is a loud alarm that is activated when the green charm cord is pulled, not only that but the bear also has a torch at the end of his nose in case you need it in them dark situations.

The bear can be clipped onto trousers, school bags, hand bags, jeans, key rings and more.

The day after we received the bear we went on a day trip to Bournemouth beach, so this was our first opportunity to give the bear a proper review. Of course I had shown Spud at home the day we received the bear what to do if he was lost or in case a stranger approached him, and how to work the torch too. With a few practice runs Spud soon got the hang of it and soon loved to block Mummy's hearing with the very loud alarm ringing off!

We arrived at Bournemouth and had a fantastic day, thankfully the bear wasn't needed, but I did take 10 large steps away from Spud and asked him to sound the alarm to see if I could hear, I could very faintly here but this was due to the fact the Bournemouth Air Show was taking place so the beach was more packed then usual and there was really big speakers around the beach with people giving descriptions etc and then we cant forget the planes that was flying low showing us the stunts and tricks.

On the official website, the product is recommended for all teenage girls and adults, I couldn't disagree more, Spud is a boy, a little boy, 6 years old to be precis and I thought this product was amazing! In fact Boo Bear goes on every outing with us now, even if its too the supermarket, you can never be sure of what situation you may ever find your self in. Not only do I find Boo Bear great in case my child was in danger, but I also find it good in case he ever got lost in a supermarket/shop/cinema etc, I've told Spud if he ever got lost to stay where he is and sound the alarm and I will locate myself too the sound, if not he should not panic but instead go through the routine we practice over and over again.

Also another thing about this alarm is small plastic alarms seem to be placed in hand bags and then lost or hard to find, with crime rates at a high and people being in danger every single day, the Boo Bear is on show and is easy for a child or adult to quickly pull the cord.
The torch is activated by holding down Boo Bears paw, very simple and easy for a child to use. I recommend this to any one and everyone, I think every child should have one! Such an amazing invention and invented by a schoolgirl herself.

Be Alarmed Not Harmed order yours NOW.

The Boo Bear Keep me safe alarm is currently sold for £8.99 excluding P&P. To find out more information or to purchase the Boo Bear Keep Me Safe Alarm check out the official website.

Disclosure - I was sent this product on the basis to review it, I have not received a payment for reviewing this product but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the product. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form.


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