Saturday 8 September 2012

You Cant Get Rid Of Me That Easily!

Hello to all my lovely readers/visitors, I'm sorry things have been a bit quiet round here recently, I have had loads to catch up on but I am now back on track and have a few exciting product reviews I will be sharing with you soon! Including some new competitions coming up.

In the last few days, I have had an Autumn clean, just like a Spring clean but just in Autumn. I am very disappointed in myself, when I done Spud's room up not even a year ago into Disney Toy Story, I got him a new dark blue carpet as the baby blue one had worn thin and was beyond the help from a hoover, I promised and vowed I would not let Spud eat or drink in his room, this has failed badly, today I spent the day deep cleaning the carpet and it has come up just like new! So yeah over the last few days I have been sorting out all the rooms in the home, sorting out the toys into 3 categories, the bad toys which needed to be binned, the good toys that Spud has outgrown which will be getting dropped off to the local charity shop on Monday and then the toys we are keeping. 

I still am not done though, I have emotional attachments to items, like the box of clothes I still have from when Spud was a baby, I have kept a vest (or two), sleepsuits, and a variety of other clothes to show him how very small he was, very small indeed, a 7-week premature 4lb bundle of joy. Then there are the toys he's had since young and the teddy's he once loved ever so much.

I will one day maybe be able to part with more than what we did over the last few days, but for now, our Autumn clean is done, so the blog will be back to normal :)

How much he has grown is madness, I am looking at him now whilst typing this, he has fallen asleep in my bed, where he will stay tonight, and have cuddles with Mummy. I heard tomorrow is going to be a nice day, so I'm not sure what we are going to do just yet, we may meet up with some family members or friends, or we may just spend the day together just us too before he is back to school on Monday. Ohh how I have not missed the school day mornings, it's making me yawn just thinking about it!

Hope you all have had and continue to have a fantastic weekend!

Until next time,
Jade x