Wednesday 26 September 2012

I Just Threw £10.96 In The Bin!!

OK well now I've got your attention, I may of mislead you just a tiny tiny little bit, I didn't throw £10.96 cash in the bin, but I did throw £10.96 in the bin just by opening my fridge. Mad isn't it, there is people worldwide starving and I open my fridge and just throw loads of food away.

2 x cucumbers 80p each - £1.60
3 x fruit packets - 90p (part of a 5 for £1.50 offer)
1 packet of grapes - 98p
1 x full packet of sausage rolls - £1
1 x opened packet of sausage rolls 60p (3 left, 100p divided by 5 = 20p each)
1 x packet of sausages - £1.85
1 x ready meal - £1.25
various yogurts - £1.50
4 pint of milk - £1.28

Everything was unopened apart from 1 of the packet of sausage rolls, after receiving a email from a fellow blogger in regards to a Save the Children campaign and rooting through my fridge and finding all of this stuff needed to be binned it has truly disgusted me. After a telephone call with my Mum I am now going to freeze what can be put in the freezer and the rest I shall be using up within its due by date in the future.

It makes you feel guilty doesn't it, I know it couldn't of fed the 5 thousand but it could of fed me and Spud for a few days, or fed a few others, provided them with some calcium etc. Have you ever threw so much food out that you have felt guilty knowing their is children starving worldwide? 

Until next time,
Jade x


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