Monday 10 September 2012

Christmas Is Around The Corner (Literally)

Can you believe we are in September already, it's amazing how time flies isn't it? But I'm not sure that before I had Spud time flew by, time seemed to be slow, where I couldn't wait to be 13, then 16. Now I am 22 and feel a lot older than that. I don't despise girl's who go out clubbing nor do I get jealous of these so-called mother's who somehow find the time and money to go out every weekend and maybe once during the week too. I would rather be spending time with my boy and money on something that both of us have fun out of, I would rather take my son to a play centre and for lunch, or the cinema, or a zoo etc. I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt for clubbing and all that stuff that is pretty normal for a girl my age, but I'm not normal though am I? I'm unique :-) If I must say so myself. 

From last week up until Christmas eve I imagine I have been Christmas shopping, with Spud, 5 nephews, a little sister, 3 brother's, 3 sister's, a Mum, a Dad, 2 step-parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles Christmas can be a real hard time for a single parent. So I have started early, I have got the boys nearly sorted, and thanks to the lovely Attachment Mummy I won a VTech Innotab 2!! I cant wait to see Spud's face on Christmas morning!

I am quite shocked at how many people don't celebrate Christmas or the ones who don't let their children believe in Santa! What's Christmas without Santa? I must admit I still look up in that sky come Christmas eve, the story had to start from somewhere right? Although if I ever did see a plump guy in a red suit with white hair and beard coming down my chimney, well actually threw my window with the special Santa key we leave out as we are in a flat, I would literally beat the guy with whatever was closest to me! Christmas is magical, children are magical, they are amazing, so why shouldn't we feed them with magical thoughts whilst they are young and let them enjoy it whilst they can?

I love getting our home ready for Christmas, I do not go over the top but I make it look really special, in a sale last December I got a snowman with a chalk slate counting down the days til Christmas, am I mad for wanting to get this out now? It never did make it to the attic, or the other decorations, lights or tree, they are still in the spare cupboard waiting for this Christmas just over 3 months away! Eeeeek exciting times!!

Christmas is my favourite holiday, I'm just like a big child really, I love the decorations, the music, the festive spirit from everyone, the red hats, the winter clothes - the big coats, earmuffs, boots and gloves, the exciting count down, the food, the drink the lot!

It happens once a year, so why not make the most of it and enjoy it? So what the rubbish that comes inside crackers will only be thrown in the bin, so what your normal TV programs are not on and instead you are left with a pick of a wide range of Christmas films? So what your not having your favourite steak dinner. Think your self lucky, because for children all over the world, Christmas is another ordinary day for them, they wont be getting no gifts, no fine Christmas food or even a cheap cracker with a cheap paper hat, they wont have the advantage to watch Christmas films, or ride their new bicycles, they wont have the family get together, or new clothes to keep them warm, they may not even have a family and may not even have a home, does Band Aid spring too mind? Listen to the lyrics of that song and you will realise how lucky we really are.

For me, I will keep telling my son Santa will be here in a few months, I will continue getting excited for the lead up til Christmas and I will remember the ones not so fortunate to even break a smile on Christmas day.

Until next time,
Jade x


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