Saturday 22 September 2012

42p-50p Craft Bargains! Get Yours Now!

You may have seen some of my past post and noticed mine and Spud's craft box? Well it isn't filled up just yet and I cant resist a bargain when I see one! 

Whilst doing our weekly shop at Asda this week, I had a browse down the toy/stationary isle as I was looking for a good notebook and as you do you walk past products and right at the very beginning I noticed lots of craft items was on sale/reduced cant remember what the ticket said but the prices were either 42p or 50p.

This is what I picked up
  • 1 packet of mixed colours tissue paper.
  • 1 packet of mixed colours pipe wire.
  • 1 packet of wobbly eyes.
  • 1 packet of mixed colours match sticks.
  • 1 packet of mixed colours pom poms.
  • 1 packet of multi sequins.
  • 2 packets of mixed colours feathers.
They had more on display like foam shapes but we already have loads of them. Nothing was less than 42p and nothing more than 50p.

As you can see, we recycle packaging like butter/milkshake tubs to keep our craft items in, we have a variety of items including alphabet foam shapes (99p stores) tissue paper, wobbly eyes, pipe wire, pom poms, paints, different colours of glitter, felt tips, crayons, pencils, plain white card, different coloured card, paper, paint brushes, foam shapes, sequin shapes (butterflies, stars, hearts, circles, leaves, all of different shapes and colours) and loads more. 

Pick up bits on a weekly basis and you can soon fill your own craft box, we picked up this storage box from Asda for £3 and it come with a lid.

Keep an eye out on my blog for our next craft project =D

Until next time,
Jade x


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