Friday 30 June 2017

“Old Fashioned” Activities to Keep the Kids Happy in Summer

It’s that time of the year when the kids are off school and roaming around the house looking for things to do. Many now resort to video game entertainment which, whilst fun, seems a little unproductive, especially during the summer months. In light of this, here are some of the older activities which are sure to keep them happy.

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Day Trips
Day trips are a great way to get kids outdoors and breathing in some fresh air. Theme parks are often a popular option, as they combine the thrills of adrenaline fuelled rides with outdoor fun and family bonding. Many theme parks also offer family deals, which means you can save some extra cash (although you may well end up spending it on ice cream and hotdogs anyway).

Most people in the UK live fairly near to a beach, so if it is a particularly nice day you could pull out the antiquated bucket and spade and head to one near you, where kids are bound to make friends and you can also enjoy catching some rays.

Send Letters
It may seem unusual in this day and age, but the forgotten pastime of sending letters/parcels can really be inspiring to kids who have not experienced it before. Nowadays even the youngest are texting and using Facebook to communicate, but none of this is as personalised as a letter/parcel.

It can spark up their creativity and introduce them to a means of communication which has been forgotten by many. If you are on holiday, a simple postcard or parcel filled with local goods could well prove beneficial for everyone involved, and couriers like Parcel2Go offer numerous effective options for sending post both home and abroad.

Board Games
For those days when you are trapped inside by a tropical summer thunderstorm, or for lazy summer evenings, board games provide excellent entertainment which brings the whole family together. It is no surprise that they have enjoyed decent sales in the last few years, and nowadays there are plenty of modern and exciting ones to choose from.

Even if you are on holiday, there are now plenty of travel games on the market, and this will also keep the kids occupied on long journeys.

Bike Rides
Something I don't see much of nowadays is family bike rides! When I was a child my parents would regularly take me and my siblings on bike rides, and on our travels we'd also see lots of other families doing the same, sadly I've not seen any thing like this in years! Most children have bikes, but how many of you can say you've done a family bike ride? If you're without a bike but fancy the idea, look for a bike discount and fill up those water bottles, maybe even pack a rucksack with some picnic foods and you've got the perfect old fashioned family outing! 

Keeping the kids happy during summer need not be a stressful experience, and the more creative the solution, the happier they are likely to be. Get them outdoors if you can, and enjoy some of the more ‘old fashioned’ ways of having fun in summer.

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