Thursday 15 June 2017

Five Family Friendly Places To Visit In Liverpool.

In just over 10 days time, my younger brother Jamie will be celebrating his 25th birthday, a quarter of a century old and his first birthday as a daddy! Wanting to do something more than just going to a local restaurant for a meal - because we seem to do that year after year, I wanted to do something special for Jamie's birthday so took his interest into account!

As I mentioned above, this will be Jamie's first birthday as a daddy, his beautiful son was born on the 22nd of May, so whilst we're not struggling with ideas as there is so many gifts you can buy for new dads, we wanted to take Jamie's other interest into account too and thought about things that he could do by himself, as well as things with the whole family - there is a LOT of us, and we all love celebrating together!

Jamie is a HUGE Liverpool football club fan, and I know he's always wanted to do a tour of Anfield stadium - the homeground for his besotted team, but as we're based in Reading, and Anfield is based in Liverpool - a four hour drive from us at the very least, I thought about making it a weekend away rather than a day away and this is where the fun began - after finding a big enough mini bus hire that is!

Finding places to visit for yourself can be a challenge in itself, but finding things to do with a large family all with different interest nearly seemed impossible, but with the help of reviews, thousands (and I literally do mean thousands) of internet searches, and word of mouth recommendations here are five places to visit that are suitable for the whole family in Liverpool!

1. Anfield Stadium - the home of Liverpool Football Club.
You don't have to be a local to support Liverpool, and being one of the top three UK teams, it's no wonder an Anfield stadium tour is on so many peoples wishlist! The guide prices are affordable, costing just £17.45 for an adult, and £12.45 for a child, whilst there is so much to do including a museum boasting over 120 years of history, and things to do the kids - its a day out thats bound to be fun for the whole family!

2. Liverpool Cathedral.
Religious or not, Liverpool Cathedral is something you must visit when in the city! Not only is it Britain's largest cathedral - it's also the 5th largest Cathedral in the whole of Europe, and I'm not surprised with it being 619 ft in length, and 331 ft high! The Cathedral is free to enter, however if you'd like access to the tower, and a film and audio tour there is a small charge, with family tickets costing just £15.

3. Game Bird Fayre & Square - family restaurant and children's play.
You're going to want to find somewhere nice to eat for the whole family when visiting Liverpool, and being the organised family that we're, we always look at the local and best restaurants to eat at prior to our visit just incase bookings are needed. The Game Bird is not only a family friendly place to eat, but host a Wacky Warehouse - great fun for the children, whilst the adults can enjoy their meals, everyone's a winner! 

4. Southport Pleasureland.
Although not technically in Liverpool, Southport Pleasureland is somewhere you'll want to visit for a great family fun day out! Located in Southport, it's not too far from Liverpool, and if a few of you pitched together and got minibus hire in Liverpool, it wouldn't cost you much at all to travel! It's free to enter, however the rides and Lakeside Miniature Railway do cost. 

5. Knowsley Safari Park.
Last but not least, Knowsley Safari is a must when visiting Liverpool, especially if you're from Reading (like me), we have nothing around like this! Costing just £59 for a family ticket, the price is worth it with all the things you get to do, and all the stuff you get to see! Take the Safari Drive and get acquainted with over 700 wild animals, from baboons to camels, wildebeest to tigers, all from the comfort of your own car, or, take the on foot safari and get up close to giraffes, take a walk through the bat forest, see the meerkats, sea lions and more!

Have you had a weekend away to Liverpool recently? Can you recommend somewhere to visit?

Jada x


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