Wednesday 28 June 2017

Pull The Plug On High Electric Bills

Are your electricity bills too high? With most of our lives revolving around electronic devices, cutting back on our power usage can seem like a difficult ask for many of us. However, there are many other ways to lower the costs of powering our homes. Here are just a few methods.

Is it time to switch supplier?
Other suppliers may be charging less than your currant supplier - so make sure you regularly check out price comparison sites. There are many comparison sites out there to help you get the best deal and some suppliers will charge discounted rates to new customers. In fact, you may be able to save a lot of money simply by changing supplier every few years and making use of new customer rates.

Replace power-hungry appliances!
Some older appliances may be eating through electricity, so keep this in mind when you're debating with your better half about whether to fix or replace your 20 year old washing machine. Modern energy-efficient devices with an Energy Star logo can save you a lot of money by using less voltage and it's good to know refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers are appliances to especially look out for as they can cost you the most. You can also take action to make your lighting more energy efficient by adopting LED and halogen lighting, adding more natural light into your home or even replacing your old and broken, ex council fireplace with one from Ethanol Fireplace Pros.

Unplug unused devices.
Many devices around the home may be slowly draining power by being plugged in all the time. Look out for TVs, microwaves, lamps, extension cables and power packs. Unplugging these devices or simply turning them off at the socket will stop these appliances from using up unnecessary power. Don’t worry about empty plug sockets – you won’t use up any electricity by keeping a socket switched on with no device plugged in as there’s no complete circuit for the electricity to go.

Monitor your power usage.
Installing an energy monitor can allow you to see how much your electricity is costing you as you use it. This might prompt you to use certain power-hungry devices less often or keep within a tight budget. At the very least, a monitor can help pick up any electrical leaks through faulty wiring or prevent billing errors from taking place, giving you evidence of how much you’ve spent. Smart meters are the newest type of monitor, relaying all information back to your supplier to ensure no billing errors can be made. Alternatively, you can install a prepaid meter to make sure you only get as much energy as you pay for.

Run off the sun!
Solar power is already taking off, giving homeowners the chance to ditch electricity bills altogether in favour of home-generated power from the sun. Solar panel installation costs a fair bit, but prices are constantly dropping and you’re likely to make your money back after a couple of years, after which you’ll be electricity-bill-free! Most people have already abandoned wired garden lighting for more convenient solar lighting. On top of this, there are plenty of portable chargers out there that run off the power of the sun perfect for those on the go. New homes are already having solar panels installed – why not get your panels installed ahead of the curve? 

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