Thursday 15 June 2017

Three Things Your Holiday Accommodation Must Have!

We're midway through June, the weather is how it's supposed to be (for once!) -  sunny and hot, our windows are fully open, our children's paddling pools are filled up ready for an afternoon of play, our ears hear lawn mower after lawn mower, we're going through cold drinks, ice cubes, ice pops, and ice cream like no tomorrow, and we're seeing friends post their daily countdown until their holiday arrives.

If you've not booked your summer holiday yet, I'm pretty sure you'll have an idea by now of where you want to head off too, and exactly when and for how long - like me, which leaves us begrudging our family and friends who already have everything sorted! The thing is, I've not booked a holiday yet because they go way too fast, and I don't want any of my pre-holiday preparation to be rushed, I don't want anything deplorable - I want the best!

Who doesn't want the best when you're paying lots of money, because let's face it, we're not planning a family holiday to Pontins are we? Not with their bad reviews - they've got no chance! Plus, we want to get away, out of the country, we want to get on a plane, no matter how long the flights are! We just want to land in a different country to that we call home and have a much deserved holiday.

Although if you're anything like me, everything and I mean everything has to be covered and up to your standards, from the type of plane you're flying on, to the local food on offer, the type of beach your be sitting on (stones are a no go!) to the blinds and type of oven in your apartment (I don't do gas!). If I'm paying hundreds, if not a few thousand pounds for my holiday, I'm not going to rush to book one until I find the perfect one, I want to sleep and eat well on holiday, and this is where the accommodation comes in, so I thought I'd share my tips on how to find the perfect holiday accommodation! 

1. Air Con - Because Us Brits Can't Even Stand The English Heat!
If you think the weather we've had over the last few days has been scorching, wait until you experience the heat of the sun abroad! No matter how many times you've experienced it, nothing can prepare you for it - and although you may get a nice breeze to accompany it, there is nothing worse than trying to go to sleep when you're sweaty and sticky! Whether or not it comes included in the price (or you may have to add a fee on top), make sure your accommodation includes air con for a more peaceful and cool night!

2. The Furnishings - Who Wants Basic When You're Craving Comfort!
Apply as much suncream as you want, nothing can prevent the sun burning, and you'll want nothing more than a comfortable bed if you've caught the sun, but is it really just the style and type of bed you should be inquiring about when you book a holiday? NO! You need to inquire about everything, from what type of cooker you have, to how powerful that power shower really is! What are the sofa's like for when you're relaxing to wind down for the evening, and is that karndean flooring throughout the apartment, or just in the lounge? If you're really fussy, you could even ask if they've got built-in wardrobes somewhere, but as long as I've got somewhere to hang my dresses - I personally don't care.

3. The Distance - Do You Really Want To Walk Five Miles To The Beach?
Think about it... You may be saying yeah that's nothing, but walking five miles to the nearest beach when your body fluid is adjusting to the heat of the country you're holidaying in, add on top some pretty bad sunburn and blisters on your feet from your new sandals - realistically can you even handle a mile? Then you've got the children, do you really want to make them walk five miles there and back in the sweltering heat, of course not! So whilst it may cost a little more, consider being as close to the beach and restaurants as you can - especially if you're in self-catering accommodation!

Is there anything I've missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Jada x


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