99p Tubs To Add To Our Craft Box

Just a short visit today, I popped to what Spud call's little Town today to pay the water bill, and whilst there browsed a few shops and managed to pick up a tub full of foam alphabet letters for 99p from 99p Stores, in each tub you get 8 pieces of each letter in 4 different colours, so for example 2 Orange L's, 2 Blue L's, 2 Green L's & 2 Red L's, they are ready to stick with a paper back adhesive. I picked up 2 tubs because with these kind of shops you don't know if there one offs or regulars. Great for the craft box, Spud cant wait to make his first arts and craft item from them.!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, until next time,
Jade x


  1. I like those alphabet letters - might help big man and his lack of interest in reading, writing and spelling x

  2. Hello Louise, thank you for stopping by and having a read, they are great for the price, I would recommended them to everyone with children, for 99p you cant go wrong x

  3. Ooh I'll have to nip into my local and see if they have them in! I have been thinking of buying a big box for our craft stuff soon, we have too much and it's all spread out in cupboards, drawers etc!
    Love your blog by the way

  4. Hello Ashleigh, Yeah I would recommend them, they are pre sticky which is great, If you are able to find some I would pick up a few they wont be in there for long. As for our Craft Box, we got it from Asda, all his paper and card is at the bottom with the other items on top, I use recycled products to hold the craft items once I've opened them from their original packaging. As you may be able to see in the pictures, I have used a butter tub and washing power tubs to say a few.

    Thank you hun and I love your's too.! I love how your into craft's as well!

    Take care x