A Complete & Utter Lie? Or A Misunderstanding?

Did you read my Chocolate by Genevie review? Well I've just read it back to myself after reading this blog post here and I am so shocked I just don't know what to do. I am very mad, to say the least. I am new to the blogging scene, and have never been in such a situation. The situation being, a company misled me and others into thinking their products was hand made / home made or what ever it was they stated.

Is her name even Genevie?? Or is it Liz?
Corr I would like to know if they are even registered! I mean my son ate these chocolates! Thank God none of us come down ill (if my child did, I would track her down and give her a smack across the face with a wet fish believe me!)

It is absolutely mad at what lengths companies go to for a bit of publicity, I have learned a valuable lesson here and will be very careful at what food products I review from companies that are not known.

And as for the review I've already done on Chocolates by Genevie, I will be editing it to include a note at both the top and bottom of the post to explain what I have just fount out.

Please be aware!


  1. Glad you found out about it though. I read an earlier post apparently they didn't even state allergen information which I'm pretty sure is not allowed!? I haven't ever been offered food reviews just product reviews hitch I do checkout first but tbh I wouldn't even think or know what to look for on a chocolate one I thin I'd go Oh chocolate yes please! Lol I don't go for them mainly because I can eat dairy gluten etc so not likely to have this problem with a food 'company' but good on for puttIng this out there and also reminding bloggers to be more aware when being offered reviews. X

  2. I am also glad, sadly I don't think the company will pull this off but best of luck to them for trying. The truth will always get exposed in the long run so why lie is beyond me.

    That's exactly what I done, I didn't even look for a sell by date, I really should after my bad experience with Asda and meat!