One Room Down, Loads More To Go.

by Jada, January 05, 2015
It's no secret me and Spud moved to a house just under two months ago, and what should of been a dream come true has turned into a little nightmare that's costing quite a small fortune to do up. I think I undervalued how much work the house actually needed done, and only realised once we had been here for a week how long and expensive it's going to cost.

There was times when I thought how has life got to this, what have I done, and to say I felt like a bad mother, well that's just the understatement of the century. I felt awfully rubbish, I felt useless and worthless, but speaking to good friends and family made me realise that with love, work and lots of money this house will one day be home.

Just a tiny sneak peak of what we are dealing with!
Although Spud is just a few months away from his ninth birthday, and will most probably remember all the work that's been put into this house, I thought I would write a post to document the memories, and how different the house will soon be.

I'm not the greatest at DIY, and luckily have a very talented family who's helped me enormously! From helping to clean filthy windows, to glossing skirting boards and ripping off doors, I appreciate each and everyone's help as I now type from a lovely front room, which wasn't the case a month ago! I also had to call in pest control and get residential cleaning services around due to the sheer amount of mess and filth!

The front room was the main priority before Christmas, feeling at my lowest ever, I wanted at least one room in the house finished before the festive period. I wanted this to be the room where the tree stood, where the presents would lay and where we would sit and listen to Christmas song after Christmas song.

First of all, there was about seven layers of wall paper that needed to be stripped off the walls, this was after everywhere was given about 10 thorough cleans I should add! Once the wallpaper was off the walls, my little brother who's a professional plasterer was called in to re-plaster the four walls and ceiling.

My little brother taking wallpaper off the walls.
I wish I took more close up photo's, because now my walls and ceiling are smooth and lovely, you'd never of believed what state they was in, with various holes and damages everywhere!

My dad starting the ceiling. 
After the plaster had dried, my dad and my big brother got to work decorating, I went with a white and teal look to compliment my black sofa's. I was lucky to be able to pick up a beautiful feature wall paper for just £5 per roll which I fell in love with, and not because of the bargain price! Three walls and the ceiling are white, and the other wall features the beautiful wallpaper!

The start of the wallpaper on my feature wall. 
My brother in law William was roped in to help with the glossing of the skirting boards and door frames, however even those places needed a lot of work prior to the gloss. My dad brought a heat gun and all the skirting boards and door frames was took back to basics, we had to remove the door due to the damage and even replace some skirting!

My big brother laying my new floor.
My dad gave me my Christmas money early and that went towards my beautiful flooring, I was looking at engineered oak wood flooring at my previous property before we moved, so I had a rough idea of what style and colour I wanted which made things that little bit easier! My big brother laid it for me, and it was really the last big finishing touch to the room!

Bird mantelpiece clock from Asda.
Asda very kindly let me pick a number of items for each room including decorating items! I will be doing a number of seperate post but for now, I must show you how accessories can really make a room! With a number of cushions, two teal lamps, a lovely bird cage style ceiling lampshade, and a vintage rusty bird style mantelpiece clock, our front room is finally done!

One finished room!
There's still a lot more to go with this house, and I will soon write up a full post on it all! However where I am relying on people's help, these things are taking time, but bear with us, as we have lot's in store for Unique Young Mum this year! With a new home and a new look on life, thing's can only get better!

Until next time,
Jada x
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