Wednesday 14 January 2015

Life's Happiest and Best Moments!

Recently, I've been thinking about my most happiest moment's in life and it's got me reminiscing through some of the best part's of my life, and sadly the worse, or least the one's I want to forget.

I'm only 24, so I suppose you can say I've not really lived life to the fullest, or least the longest, however, becoming a mother was by far the most happiest moment in my life, and after watching the video featured below from Beagle Street, I think my mind's made up, even if I am only 24 years old!

I was only 15 when I discovered I was pregnant with Spud, and 15 when I gave birth to him. He was due after my 16th birthday, however due to him being seven weeks premature, things worked out a little bit differently and he arrived just 26 days before my 16th birthday.

I'm a firm believer of everything happens in life for a reason, whether it's our destiny or not, I don't know, but I believe it happens. Most of the time, the things we love in life are irreplaceable, but sometimes there are valuable items that we love and hold so dearly.

Sadly, we never know what's around the corner, and so I've been thinking about life insurance a lot recently, I am a single parent, and the future does worry me, so I would feel more comfortable knowing Spud could be comfortable if I get a plan put into place.

It seems strange for someone of my age to speak about such things, but like I said in the previous paragraph, who know's what's around the corner, and when you're a parent, such things need to be put into place!

So with that, I'm leaving you with a question, what is your happiest moment in life?

Until next time,
Jada xx


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