Wednesday 21 January 2015

A letter to my son, the first of 2015.

Dear Spud,

I don't know how old you're going to be when you're reading this, or even if you ever do decide to read this, but I'll still write this letter from my heart, as I sit here on a very cold and wet Thursday, listening to Let It Go (the Frozen soundtrack), because it's what's on my playlist, playing in my ears from my ear phones.

We moved two months ago today baby, and what a hectic two months it's been! You may of seen mummy looking a little red faced or even noticed me being upset, and I'm sorry for that, extremely sorry. I didn't realise how much work this house needed, and although it's always been a dream for us to have a garden (and what a HUGE garden we now have!), I feel like a bad mummy for dragging you from a perfect and lovely home, to bringing you to live here!

As our favourite part of the Frozen soundtrack blast through my ear, I remember the wonderful memories of us first ever watching that movie. We watched it over and over again in that first week, surely giving our neighbours in the flat an ear ache as we sang the loudest and cheeriest we possibly could! We've not even watched the movie at our house yet, or any of the DVD's we own, for I know where the DVD player is, but as for the remote control, it could be anywhere right now.

Love is an open door has just started to play through my earphones now, another song from the hit Disney film, this has to be our joint favourite song from the film, you play the Sven part, and I play the Anna part - naturally, because we finish each other's sandwiches <3

The first picture of the year, of the pair of us!
Don't get me wrong, we still sing and dance here in the house, I remember on New Years Day, we had my Grease album on, dancing and singing along like a pair of lunatics, not a care in the world, just like I've always told you baby, dance and sing like nobody is watching, and even if they are, still carry on!

I can't stop praising you, like I always have. You was such a perfect baby, you slept through from seven weeks, was always poorly but never screamed, you was a brilliant toddler in comparison to others, you had your terrible two's, and your terrible three moments, but you was still such a pleasant little boy.

You soon become a child, and now, we're just a few months away from your ninth birthday. I get praised on a near daily basis for the way you are, family members have nothing bad to say about you! I don't either, apart from your love of Pokemon, I fear it's over taking your love of Disney, but that's okay, I can deal with that. 

I wonder how old you are now Spud, at the time of reading this post, I wonder if you're still into Disney? They say once a Disney fan, always a Disney fan and I honestly believe it. Disney lets us escape to a magical world where nothing else matters! <3

You've got a heart of pure gold, love and innocence, you're such a credit to mummy and I know I tell you all the time, but I do love you, more than anything in this whole wide world, more than anyone in this whole universe, and more then the biggest number in the world, more than words can ever explain basically.

You're my number one, and always will be! We moved so close to Christmas, but you've not once complained, you've not been bothered that your room is a pinky/purple colour until Grandad has time to decorate it, nor have you complained about the awful smell we dealt with for so long!

You've not complained about 90% of your toys, games and Lego being packed away, you've not complained about being unable to play with your new Lego sets from the lovely Norton team, or the sets you got for Christmas. When I apologise to you, you say it's okay mummy, I know it's not best to play with my Lego now because the pieces will fall down the floorboards, you're a darling!

Right I best be off now beautiful, I've still not took the Christmas decorations down and they was suppose to come down on the 6th, eek! I'll be writing to you again soon, and can only apologise for any embarrassment this may cause!

All the love in my heart,
Your Mummy xxxxx


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