Tuesday 13 January 2015

The Perfect Family Holiday Destinations You NEED To Visit

Planning a vacation can be daunting. And when you’re planning a holiday for your family, things can get even more difficult. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, such as your family’s enjoyment and if the places you’re planning on going to are family-friendly. Good thing there are resorts and other destinations that cater to families from all walks of life. We’ll be jotting down some destinations fit for families, and some of them are even great for families on a tight budget!

Greece has a host of exciting destinations that feature a whole bunch of activities for the entire family. Rhodes, with its medieval cities and castles, also features some family-oriented resorts with swimming pools and outdoor theatres that showcase children’s plays and the like. There’s also the Aquarium and Butterfly Valley, which are the best places to visit for families. Crete is also highly recommended for anyone visiting Greece.

Chiang Mai offers several kid-friendly activities including cooking classes, elephant rides, the night safari, and other things of that nature. The small town feel is also a change of pace for families looking for something different. If you’re in Thailand and want to go on a beach trip, you also can’t go wrong with Hua Hin with the beach and National Park in close proximity to each other.

Honolulu, especially Waikiki, features child-friendly beaches and activities like swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling, and other underwater adventures for the family. It also has a lot of hotels that are located by the shore. Another top destination for families looking to spend their time by the beach.

Sicily Isles
The Flying Boat Club in Sicily Isles features a cluster of beach houses in a quiet location. You can even view your children walking along the beach from the balcony! There are also baby monitors from some of the cottages to the restaurants so you can keep track of your children when you decide to go out to grab a bite to eat. This is as family-friendly as it gets.

Augill Castle, Lake District
For the families who love the outdoors, this Victorian-era castle in Cumbria features activities like trekking and anything involving the great outdoors. However, if you ever opt to stay in, the castle also offers cooking classes and a relaxing atmosphere for anyone who just wants to stay in and relax.

Bali offers several family-friendly resorts and villas for families staying in the beautiful island. A true tourist spots, it offers accommodations and transportation for visiting families. Not only is the location beautiful, there are also some great restaurants and shops for people looking to buy souvenirs.

These destinations barely scratch the surface of what’s in store for families looking for a fun-filled holiday. And, as with any decision, all you have to do is tailor it to what kind of family you have. Does your family love the outdoors? Does your family love the beach? However, you also have to take into account the basic precautions. If you’re heading to the beach, be sure to have natural sunscreen etc. These are the kinds of things you have to consider when travelling with your family.  


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