Tuesday 20 January 2015

Looking For Inspiration? 2015 Bridal Accessories

The biggest day of your life is about to happen this year, but are you ready to look great while strutting your stuff down the aisle? If you’re looking for the right inspiration to stay beautiful and fashionable for the big day, read on and see the best bridal accessories that you can get your bridal hand today. Here are some items that can make you elegant and glamorous for your wedding day.
Barefoot sandals
The beach is a popular wedding destination for couples everywhere. Who wouldn't want to have a dreamy wedding in an exotic seaside local with only a handful of your friends and family witnessing the momentous occasion. We know how hard it is to wear heels while walking on the pristine sand beneath your feet, so we recommend going barefoot to make your walk down the aisle easier. But who would want to do that right? You can slip on to these barefoot sandals that are made from custom materials. These barefoot sandals can simply slip into your feet, creating a spectacular look that’s bound to make you feel like The Little Mermaid.
Origami hairpiece
Leave the flower crowns to the hipsters and be more chic with an origami hairpiece that perfectly creates a minimalistic look that’s totally elegant. You don’t even have to learn how to fold properly or get a serious case of paper cuts to get this look because there are a number of ready-made origami hairpieces online. If you want to look and stun your guests with a hairpiece, the origami design is easily your best bet.
Custom clutch
Your wedding day is going to be a long one. From the ceremony to the reception, you need to have a smaller clutch where you can put necessities like handkerchief and basic make-up products to ensure that you look fresh until the end of the day. Get a custom clutch that suits your personality and match it with the gown that you’re going to wear. You can use it to carry small items like phones and medicine that you can take when you get dizzy from all the bright flashes from your guests and the photographers.
Essential jewellery
No bridal look would be complete without the beautiful accessories and jewellery that you can show off on your wedding day. From your engagement ring to that beautiful brooch with your chosen gemstones, now is the time to feel and look elegant to boost your spirits up during the big day. Make sure that your jewellery doesn't overpower your most important features (like your beautiful face) so a simple pearl earring coupled with an elegant studded pin is more than enough to make you shine bright like a diamond.
Nameplate necklace
A gold nameplate necklace can be your bridal dog tag for your big day. Monogrammed and personalised pieces continue to rise on the list of must-have accessories. The nameplate doesn't even have to show off your name, you can also request to write a personal inscription or maybe a small reminder about the vows that you’re about to give.
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