Wednesday 28 January 2015

How To Find The Perfect Footwear For Every Occasion

Shoes are made to protect and provide comfort on a daily basis. There are a number of designs and styles you can choose from, each suited for a specific event or outfit. Here are some tips to help you pair up the perfect footwear to an occasion.
If you’re just going to the grocery store or meeting up with friends for a couple of drinks at a nearby bar, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable pair of everyday sneakers. These tend to be more popular for men, but women are also finding interesting ways to match their outfits with sneakers. The casual footwear comes in a variety of colours and styles. Make it a point to match your top with the colour of the sneakers to create a good fashion balance.
You can wear flats to work if you’re in a casual office environment. Flats such as ballet shoes are a simple way to glam up your wardrobe. Choose a pair that would reflect your activity for the day. If you’re strolling in the park or visiting a nearby zoo, you can wear nature-inspired colours or even bold animal prints. Wearing a heel sock creates comfort, if you don’t want to go sockless for the day. Let’s admit it, going sockless can sometimes cause stinky feet, and you wouldn’t want that!
For classy events such as office dinners and formal parties, heels are a must. A black pair of heels should be a staple of any woman’s shoe rack, as you can easily match them with your little black dress. However, heels can get uncomfortable, if worn for a long period, so make sure you’re only using them for a late-night party or dinner.
Just like flats, espadrilles are perfect for a warm, dry summer day. These shoes are made from canvass or a light fabric, making it more breathable and comfortable. You can also wear espadrilles if you’re planning a trip to the beach as these type of footwear can be a great alternative for slippers or sandals and dry quickly if wet. Espadrilles can come in all shapes and designs, making the choosing more exciting for those who are looking for a bit of color on their feet!
If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather, it’s best to have weatherproof shoes such as rain shoes and work boots. Made from durable, weatherproof materials, you can always rely on these shoes to be sturdy. You can wear them out in the rain, enabling you to jump in puddles. Mud can be easily cleaned of with water and soap. Some weatherproof shoes even repel water, making it ideal for those living in rainy areas.
No matter what type of shoe you have in your closet, you can always mix and match to create a style of your own. Scour the collections at thrift stores and get shoes at lower prices, or you can always order shoes online and have them delivered straight to your door.


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