Wednesday 21 January 2015

Five Ways On How To Save!

January must be the most hardest times of the year financially, most of us have had a big blow out during the Christmas and New Year season, and now, our waistlines and bank accounts are paying for it. So many people have started or plan to start a diet, but how many of us have thought about ways to get our finances back on track!?

It was only today when I was looking through my bank statement that arrived through the door that I realised how much the season had took its toll on my financial status! So after a think, a lot of notes, list and even random doodles, I've made a list of five things that can hopefully help me save some money!

1: Playing Swaps

I've got a few nights out planned in the new few weeks or so, and justifying more cost during a difficult period for the sake of a new outfit and shoes just doesn't seem like something I can do! So I've made a plan and I'm going to ask friends if I can borrow some bits and pieces from them, it saves me money, and brings out a new outfit (as such!).

2:  Weekly Shop

I'm so guilty of not shopping properly, I need to do a big shop once a week and make sure I avoid the small frequent shops I seem to do! When I use to do my shopping weekly, I knew roughly what I was spending each week, now that I tend to buy bits every few days instead of once a week I really am starting to see the cost of the differences!

3: Use Codes

I often see friends and fellow bloggers posting on Facebook about fantastic bargains they've just purchased and always wondered how they can get such excellent products for so little money. After being brave and asking a couple of them some questions, I was informed about VouchaCodes, a website that has loads of different discount codes for a number of retailers to help save the pennies!


4: Don't Throw

I'm really bad for throwing away things too easily, so instead of throwing away the clothes that are not suitable to be passed on to a charity shop, I'm going to keep them instead of chucking them. You never know what you might need an old rag for, and I'm so tired of using decent tea towels or even towels to clean up the bathroom tiles!

5: Be Wise

I think maybe this should be number one instead of five, but here goes. Sometimes, we don't appreciate the value of money, so I'm making a pledge to be more wiser when it comes to spending the cash. When I pick up something in the shop, I'm gong to triple check with myself to get down to the bottom of why I actually do need said product!

If you've got any other idea's, I'd love for you to comment below and let me know! I've just moved homes, I'm just getting over Christmas and Spud's birthday is just a little over a month away!

Jada x


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